Taneda Risa’s Returns After 13 Months of Hiatus

I was getting bored and rather lose hope after not seeing Tane-chan (Taneda Risa) for more than one year. It is too long and rather not normal for a (common) sickness. She did mention to her fans that her sickness was not something serious. But the fact that she didn’t show for a year (and longer) makes me know that something is not right. She even gave up several of her roles to the others, including the popular ones.

Anyway… Thirteen and half months have passed since the announcement of her hiatus which was published on September 1, 2016. Now Tane-chan is returning with Rhodanthe*, the seiyuu unit from Kiniro Mosaic or Kinmoza as mentioned by Kinmosa official twitter.

Of course not just Kinmosa twitter. Other Rhodanthe*’s member who have twitter account like Uchiyama Yumi and Nishi Asuka also posted photos of 6 member of Rhodanthe* together.

From the pictures, you can see that Tane-chan is much skinnier compared to before she went hiatus. She also looks more beautiful and more mature. I admit that I mistook Tane-chan’s age to be 5 years younger when I saw her for the first time. Now, she looks properly like someone on her age.

Touyama Nao didn’t posted any photos but she mentioned about Tane-chan’s returns and she also mentioned that she love these 6 persons (that is including herself, eh?).

One more thing that I noticed, Yumirin, Acchan, and Naobou mentioned about 6 persons, and not 5. This includes Suwa Ayaka who wasn’t part of the main casts. So, is this means Suwa-chan also the part of Rhodanthe* now? Well… It’s not a bad idea if that were the case. Considering Suwa-chan have THE IDOLM@STER MILLIONSTARS background just like Tane-chan.



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