Animegataris Anime Review: A Story of Anime Lover


An original direct-to-anime with slice of life looking theme about a girl who love anime in high school trying to save the world from anime invasion. Featuring 4 lovely female characters and 2 attractive looking male characters to help capturing both male and female audiences. Filled with anime related “lesson” to help you understand and go deeper inside Anime Otaku culture in Japan. Created by Studio WAO World. Aired from October 8, 2017 to December 24, 2017 with total episode of 12. This is the third anime I finished watching in 2018. The anime feels like a common anime at first impression, with a bit of fantasy. However, story development is totally unexpected. Especially when it goes to climax. The ending is nearly 100% matches to my hope (but not expected). So, this makes Animegataris to be one of the best anime in 2017. In fact, it is the 2nd Best TV Anime in my list, bested by Kemono Friends only.

The story of Animegataris seems simple at first. It gives you the idea of common anime about high school life. But something is different for sure. It is a story of someone who loves anime, making friends, and making an anime research club at school. The lead character is Asagaya Minoa. A girl who doesn’t know much about anime but tries to help her friend Kamiigusa Arisu to establish Anime Research Club. It takes 6 persons to make it an official club and they find 4 other members in no time. They are Kouenji Miko, Aoyama Erika, Musashikai Kai, and Nagano Kouki. As the story progresses, they introduces Minoa to Anime Otaku culture in Japan in a good and interesting way.

Unfortunately, not every part in this anime is fun. The club have to face the (evil) student council who wanted to shut the club down. At some point, the have to face something more powerful than the student council and then we will arrive when things turns out totally unexpected and even more beyond our expectations.

Watching the climax where the story totally goes out of control, I can only hope that the ending will be something that I truly hope for so this anime can atone the “sin” during its climax . My expectation was low but it turns out the ending is really what I hope. Nearly 100% accurate but even better! It’s an excellent way to end the story and it’s what it makes this anime to be the 2nd Best Anime I’ve watched in 2017.

It doesn’t feature cinematic looking animation like Hibike! Euphonium. It is on a different category. It’s Vivid, Cheerful, and Colorful! The animation is my most favorite animation throughout 2017. In short, it is excellent!

I feel the music in this anime very well composed. Perhaps this anime also has the best BGM compared to other 2017 anime! The opening theme is “Aikotoba (アイコトバ)” by GARNiDELiA. At first, this song doesn’t sound catchy to my ears. But after listening to the song for several episode, I guess it makes a click.  The ending theme song is  “Good Luck Lilac (グッドラック ライラック)” by GATALIS which is consist of Hondo Kaede, Senbongi Sayaka, and Tojo Hisako. The ending theme song sounds more catchy and fits more with the anime.

Voice Acting
This is the part where I really like this anime. The voice acting is truly excellent even though the seiyuu(s) in this anime are relatively still new in the industry. Hondo Kaede (Eede-chan) did her role excellently as Minoa. This reminds of her role as  Kugayama Yae in Gi(a)rlish Number in 2016 which was also excellent. Senbongi Sayaka (Bon-chan) takes the role of Kamiigusa Arisu. This is not the first time Bon-chan voicing an ojou-sama type character because Bon-chan’s debut role in Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku as Kokonoe Kurea was also an ojou-sama type character. Their personality is different however. Tojo Hisako voices Kouenji Miko and by far this is the best role I’ve heard from her. The other seiyuu(s) also did their voice acting excellently without sounding too flat or too overacting. All of them almost sounds flawless, including the seiyuu(s) of supporting characters. Again, I would say that Animegataris in an anime with the best voice acting in 2017.

We have 6 main characters with 1 character becomes the central of the story. We also have some support characters who made appearance in the anime quite often. Prepare for a long list.

Main Characters

Animegataris_01Asagaya Minoa
Voiced by: Hondo Kaede
The lead character and also the center of the story in this anime. She seem to be someone with little knowledge about anime but she tries her best to improve her knowledge. She can be clumsy but she doesn’t give up easily to achieve her goal which makes her special. Because she is the only one lacking of knowledge about anime in the club, she works the hardest so she could join the conversation with her friends in the club.

Animegataris_02Kamiigusa Arisu
Voiced by: Senbongi Sayaka
An ojou-sama type character. She seems to be difficult to be approach. But when someone understands anime speaks to her, she will be attached easily. She has her personal butler named Sebas. She is the one who introduced Minoa to anime by lending her “small amount” of anime collection.

Kouenji Miko
Voiced by: Tojo Hisako
An intelligent woman who lives light novel. She likes anime because one her favorite light novel was adapted to anime. She always prefer the original however. She wanted to know how her favorite scene in the novel will be visualized when the light novel is adapted to anime. There are several occasions when she argues with Arisu, but Minoa makes the friend again. Also, it does seem that Miko is a fujoshi.

Animegataris_03Aoyama Erika
Voiced by: Inami Anju
The one and only member in 3rd grade. Being the oldest in the club, she takes the responsibility as Club President. She is a cosplayer and her favorite anime is the one with Mahou Shoujo/Magical Girl theme. She used to be a close friend with Tsubaki, the Student Council President.

Animegataris_09Musashikai Kai
Voiced by: Itou Setsuo
A chuuni type boy. He is in 2nd grade. Often called Kai Kai because of his name. He is a big fan of battle anime and often use the line from the anime in daily life. He has taken interest with Miko but Miko ended up misunderstood his words when he tried to confess.

Nagano Kouki
Voiced by: Terashima Junta
Also in 2nd grade. An ikemen looking boy who is a big fan of idol anime. He is called Aurora by Kai and later Nagano rejects that name. Because of his interest with idol anime, Nagano has knowledge of how to arrange sounds and musics. However…

Supporting Characters

Animegataris_04Obata Yui
Voiced by: Takahashi Rie
Minoa’s classmaate and close friends even before Minoa knows the members of Anime Research Club. Yui is an athletic girl who is in athletic club. She probably loved the most by the production committee or the animation studio so she ended up getting “special treatment” in this anime. Because she is voiced by Takahashi Rie, there are scene where Yui acts as seiyuu of female magician who loves explosion referring Megumin, Takarie’s character in Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!. Perhaps the production committee itself is also a big fan of Takarie.

Animegataris_08Asagaya Maaya
Voiced by: Minase Inori
Minoa’s onee-chan. A type that seems to be a reliable onee-chan that care with her little sister. One thing that makes Maaya interesting is her voice. This type of voice used by Inorin is very unusual. The type of chara itself is also unusual to be voiced by Inorin but she did awesome anyway.

Asagaya Ai
Voiced by: Kakuma Ai
Minoa’s mother who is shown as a loving mother who cares with her family. Kakuma Ai’s voice as Ai (same given name, eh?) is totally surprising. I have just finished watch Brave Witches before this and Kakuma Ai’s voice as Ai and as Hikari is totally different! She sounds really gentle just like Satou Rina when voicing a gentle onee-san character but with more mature tone.

Asagaya Shuugo
Voiced by: Zaima Kenta
Minoa’s father who is secretly an anime otaku as well. He also works as staff in anime event in Odaiba during summer.

Animegataris_05Yan Beibei
Voiced by: Hanazawa Kana
A student on the same college as Maaya. She is an otaku from China. She meets Minoa and her club friends during anime event in Odaiba. Later, she visited Minoa’s school during school festival.

Animegataris_07Akabane Tsubaki
Voiced by: Nishi Asuka
The student council president and an old friend of Erika. She is shown as evil character and will everything it takes to take down Anime Research Club. Nishi Asuka’s voice acting is totally unexpected because this is the first time I heard Acchan making this kind of voice.

Osaki Ayame
Voiced by: Takamori Natsumi
The student council Vice President. Doing the best she can to help Tsubaki take down Anime Research Club. Takamori Natsumi’s voice is expected here. I have just watched Brave Witches before this and her voice sounds pretty similar as the voice she use when voicing Nipa. 

Toda Matsuri
Voiced by: Takagi Miyu
The student council Treasurer. She also do her best to help Tsubaki take down Anime Research Club.

Gomon Masato
Voiced by: Furukawa Makoto
The teacher who supervise Anime Research Club. He is a lazy type man. He did little to the club and likely not show up when club needed him.


Final Thoughts
Anime that has the potential to be the best anime in 2017. This anime almost had everything it has to be it. If only Kemono Friends doesn’t aired in 2017, I surely will choose Animegataris as the best anime in 2017. Animegataris wins in almost every parts, even better than any other TV anime aired in 2017. The only thing Kemono Friends bested Animegataris is story. But story is the essence of anime. I’d prefer “Good enough” animation with “Excellent” story over “Excellent” animation over “Very Good” story. That is exactly what happens here. However, Animegataris is clearly one of the must watch anime of 2017. If you are truly an anime fan, you should never miss this anime!

Story 8
Animation 9
Sounds & Musics 9
Characters 9
Voice Acting 10
Overall 8
Rated as Very Good

Pros :
(+) Excellent resolution towards the ending
(+) Vivid, Colorful, cheerful looking animation, possibly the best in 2017
(+) Great Music
(+) Excellent voice acting

Cons :
(-) Complicated story development

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