Kamiya Hiroshi & Mimori Suzuko’s Single Ranked 3rd and 4th on Oricle Weekly Ranking

Ucchii might be very happy last month because her latest album ICE CREAM GIRL set the highest rank she ever set on Oricon Daily and Weekly Album Rank. But this month, two seiyuu(s) managed to achieve high ranking as well in their latest Singles. These two are Kamiya Hiroshi and Mimori Suzuko. Kamiyan’s 6th single, 「神様コネクション」 (Kami-sama Connection) managed to reach 3rd rank on both Oricon daily and weekly single ranking followed Mimorin’s 8th single, 「エガオノキミヘ」 (Egao no Kimi he) at 4th place on both Oricon daily and weekly ranking. The daily ranking was on October 11, 2017, the day when their single was released and the weekly ranking was from October 9 to 15, 2017.

Other than them, two other seiyuu(s) who weren’t as lucky as the two with their single are at the 13th and 16th rank. The two are Tomatsu Haruka with her 18th single, 「有頂天トラベラー」 (Uchouten Torabera) at 13th rank and Murakawa Rie’s 4th single 「Night Terror」 at 16th Rank. It feels weird for someone as talented as Haru-chan to rank “that low” I think. So, I assumed she getting more and more forgotten. 😦

Anyway, here is the list of top 10 Weekly rank.
オリコン週間 CDシングルランキング 2017年10月09日~2017年10月15日 I ORICON NEWS.png

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