Taneda Risa on Hiatus due to Unspecified Illness

The official website of voice actor agency Office Osawa announced that voice actress Taneda Risa will go on hiatus from voice acting to focus on medical treatment. Appearantly, Tane-chan already received some treatment but the sign of recovery cannot be seen. So, it has been decided that she needs to focus on her treatment. The original announcement is as below.

種田梨沙 病気療養のご報告2016年9月1日











You can see the announcement directly from Osawa-Inc website.

Regarding to her illness, I noticed that Tane-chan actually still perform on Yumi & Risa no Tokyo Laugh Story which is Tane-chan radio program with Uchiyama Yumi aired on August 31, 2016. I am not sure when the radio program was recorded because it is not a live broadcast. At the same day, I also received news Mizuki Nana will take over Tane-chan’s role as Kondou Kisaki on WWW.WORKING!!.

Now… I wonder what will happen to Yumi & Risa no Tokyo Laugh Story in the future? Do they have to suspend the program as well? Or perhaps Yumirin will perform alone? Or maybe Tane-chan will still perform for the radio program?

About two weeks ago, a special episode of Kin-iro Mosaic, dubbed Kin-iro Mosaic Pretty Days was revealed. The anime will available on November 12, 2016 and Tane-chan will still perform in this anime as Komichi Aya. I hope she won’t be replaced by anyone here because Tane-chan’s image on Aya is already strong. It has been announced as well that Rhodanthe* will perform the theme songs for this anime. So, Tane-chan’s role in this anime is irreplaceable.

Whatever her illness is, we all hope that Tane-chan will get well soon.


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