Toyosaki Aki Announced Marriage with an Ordinary Man

Toyosaki_Aki_03Seiyuu Toyosaki has just announced in her Radio Program, Toyosaki Aki no Okaeri Rajio that today, October 26, 2017, she entry a family registration with an ordinary man.

“Higoro ouen shite kudasatte iru minasama, sasaete kudasatte iru minasama ni, otsutaeshitai koto ga arimasu”
“To everyone who cheer me everyday, everyone who support me, there is something I want to tell”

「私、豊崎愛生は、本日10/26に入籍をいたしました! 相手は一般の男性の方です」
“Watashi, Toyosaki Aki wa, honjitsu 10/ 26 ni nyuuseki o itashimashita! Aite wa ippan no dansei no kata desu”
“I, Toyosaki Aki, Today in October 26, has entry a family register! The companion is a common man.”

Well… of all October 26 that has passed in my life, this is really the most shocking October 26. Her 31st birthday is coming just in one day on October 28. Coming directly from her in her own radio program, this shocked her fans for sure, including me. This is probably the most heartbreaking October 26 in my life. Until now, it is the most heartbreaking for sure.

To the ordinary man who married Toyosaki Aki : “You are probably the luckiest guy in our planet at this moment. So please! Take care of her! Make her happy!”

And to her fans : “Please keep supporting her and don’t you dare to put any terrors on her!”

For those who doesn’t know Toyosaki Aki :
She is a female seiyuu whose popularity rise in 2009 from K-ON! TV Anime. She wins Best Newbie Voice Actress Award in 2009 followed by winning Best Voice Actress Award in 2010. She is a member of Seiyuu Unit Sphere formed in 2009 together with Kotobuki Minako, Tomatsu Haruka, and Takagaki Ayahi. She is the only member of Sphere who has married. From all K-ON! main casts, she is the third to get married after Hikasa Youko (married somewhere in 2015, but announced in early 2016), and Satou Satomi (married this year with male seiyuu Terashima Takuma).

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