Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS Announced New Idol Unit

Love Live! has gained massive popularity after the anime was aired in 2013. It can’t be denied that Love Live! also contributed to making people, especially foreign people outside of Japan, attracted to Japanese Idol Group and Japanese Idol Anime. Following the massive success of the anime, a mobile game titled Love Live! School Idol Festival was released in 2014. However, the mobile game was losing popularity after the 1st generation of Love Live! anime ended with Love Live! School Idol The Movie but slightly getting more attention again with the introduction of Love Live! Sunshine.

This, we have an announcement of an update of the game.

So, what is this all about? It’s a news of Nitta Emi and Inami Anju are in the same frame, standing next to each other! Yeah, for the first time in public, the two are standing next to each other declaring and promoting peace to cease the war between μ’s and Aqours factions that has been going for sometimes since Love Live! started.

Okay… Enough with the bullshit… Basically, we have new Idol Unit. The announcement of Love Live! Perfect Dream Project has been around for quite sometimes. I don’t really get what was that about at that time. For now, I think it is not about another Love Live! anime but it is more like an additional content for the mobile game. Anyway, I doubt the unit name will be called Perfect Dream Project. It’s likely the series but not the unit name. Just like Love Live! Sunshine which unit name is called Aqours, not Sunshine. The new unit itself is from another school, Niji Saki High School.

See the trailer below :

Not so soon guys! You have to wait until 2018 to play this game.

Another news is, the also announced the Idols and their seiyuu. The list is as below. If you are wondering what is the meaning of CV, it’s not Curriculum Vitae but it is the Hull classification symbol for aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy.

天王寺璃奈(cv:田中ちえ美)- Ten’ouji Rina (cv: Tanaka Chiemi)天王寺璃奈(田中ちえ美)

エマ・ヴェルデ(cv:指出毬亜)- Emma Verde (cv: Sashide Maria)エマ・ヴェルデ(指出毬亜)

優木せつ菜(cv:楠木ともり) – Yuuki Setsuna (cv: Kusunoki Tomori)優木せつ菜(楠木ともり)

近江彼方(cv:鬼頭明里)- Konoe Kanata (cv: Kito Akari)近江彼方(鬼頭明里)

宮下 愛(cv:村上奈津実)- Miyashita Ai (cv: Murakami Natsumi)宮下 愛(村上奈津実).jpg

朝香果林(cv:久保田未夢)- Asaka Karin (cv: Kubota Miyu)朝香果林(久保田未夢)

桜坂しずく(cv:前田佳織里)- Sakurazaka Shizuku (cv: Maeda Kaori)桜坂しずく(前田佳織里)

中須かすみ(cv:相良茉優)- Nakasu Kasumi (cv: Sagara Mayu)中須かすみ(相良茉優).jpg

上原歩夢(cv:大西亜玖璃)- Uehara Ayumu (cv: Oonishi Aguri)上原歩夢(大西亜玖璃)

That’s the long list. Mainly because of the pictures though. I am very surprised here, actually. Kubota Miyu is on the list. What?! Who is Kubota Miyu?!

Kubota Miyu is the member of i☆Ris, an professional and independent Idol unit. By independent, I mean the unit is not tied with specific anime or games, unlike Love Live! or IDOLM@STER. By being part of Love Live!, I worried it will affect i☆Ris in a negative way. You know, Love Live! popularity is more than i☆Ris. So, if she were too focused with her activity in Love Live!, I am afraid i☆Ris might be abandoned. But that is just my concern. I hope she can managed to keep active on both side. I just don’t want see i☆Ris breaking up so soon.



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