Uesaka Sumire’s Twitter and Instagram Account is Now Closed

Sumipe_02Unfortunate and unwanted things happened to seiyuu Uesaka Sumire, also known as her nickname Sumipe. About 15 months ago, specifically on March 3, 2016, we got a news that Sumipe would leave her twitter account for awhile. After several months without activities, Sumipe returned to her twitter account again. The number of her followers have been significantly increased at that time of her returns. Now Sumipe’s followers on twitter reach a staggering number of 550K. Unfortunately, due to the last incident when a college student threatened to kill Sumipe (and the culprit was already arrested a few days ago), she and probably her staffs decided to put Sumipe’s twitter and Instagram account to rest. When I checked her twitter account on my phone earlier this morning, I got this User Not Found notification instead.


A friend from Philippines also confirmed it by sending this screenshots.Sumipe_Twitter_01.jpg

Sounds like a bad news, eh?
How could it ended up like this?
It was her fault for being too attractive looking. Especially her cute and sexy looks. And don’t forget her big boobs which are impossible to be ignored, especially for perverts and stalkers.

I can’t really blame her and her staffs decision. Her staffs just wanted to protect her safety. They will lose their job if something bad happened to their Goddess after all. Of course, her loyal fans wouldn’t want something bad happened to their lovely Goddess after all. So, this is a decision that we have to accept although we dislike it.

Anyway, although her personal twitter and Instagram account is gone, the staffs made an “Official Account” of Uesaka Sumire in twitter which you can find @uesaka_official. At least they made an alternative option for us.

Other than that, here are some accounts that are still accessible for news or informations related to Sumipe:


I hope no more bad incident happen to any seiyuus in the future.



2 thoughts on “Uesaka Sumire’s Twitter and Instagram Account is Now Closed

  1. I don’t understand, how closing her Twitter and Instagram accounts will prevent those sickos from harming her? And they keep her blog open, I don’t get it. What’s the difference between Twitter/Instagram and a Line blog?


    • It seems the different is the one behind them. The twitter account was personally Sumipe’s account. The new one is managed by her staffs or manager. Line blog and Instagram are likely not personally managed by Sumipe herself.
      I feel bad for her.
      Being too popular has its own disadvantage.


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