Sabagebu! Anime Review : Bloody Cute Girls Anime

Sabagebu_Title2An anime about girls with guns. Sounds like Gunslinger Girls but different. In Sabagebu!, the girls doesn’t use real guns but they use airsoft guns instead. Also, the anime packs a lot of comedy, a very different atmosphere than in Gunslinger Girls. So, if you were looking an intense and bloody anime like Gunslinger Girls, you (almost) have come to the wrong title. This anime still quite bloody but there is no real death in it.

Sabagebu TV anime was adapted from a manga with the same title by Studio Pierrot+. The original manga was published by Kodansha and serialized in Nakayoshi. The anime was aired from July 6, 2014 to September 21, 2014.

The story of this anime focuses on one of five high school girls in Aogiri academy. The main character is Sonokawa Momoka, a 1st year student in Aogiri Academy. A molester was trying to harass her in a train. But suddenly, a strange girl saves her by pointing a gun to the molester. In the end, the girl was captured by the police. Later, Momoka realized that the girl who saved her before was her upperclass woman. That fateful encounter made Momoka ended up as the member of Sabagebu (Survival Game Club).

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In my opinion, the animation quality of Sabagebu is pretty standard. It isn’t bad but doesn’t stand out. The weapons in this anime isn’t quite detailed unless the shot is taken up close. But they are still easily recognizable for gun maniacs. For a 2014 anime, I would expect more to be called very good. But Sabagebu is just simply good.

This anime marks Oohashi Ayaka’s debut single (outside of THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS). The opening of this anime is “YES!”, performed by Oohashi Ayaka. It’d say it is a near perfect song. The ending theme song is 「ぴてぃぱてぃサバイバード」 “Piti Pati Sabaibaado”. Not quite a daily consumption but the song sounds crazy enough to follow the anime craziness. About the sound effects and background music, they are overall very good too although I don’t have much to say this time.


Sabagebu_SS_06Sabagebu has five members as the main characters. They are consists of :

Sonokawa Momoka

Voice by : Oohashi Ayaka
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
The lead character. The newest member of Sabagebu but also the most skillful member. Momoka is not only extremely skillful. She is also extremely sadistic, violent, and unforgiving. Always punished everyone who bullied her in a violent way. Her weapon is Beretta 92FS as recommended by Miou.

Otori Miou

Voiced by : Uchiyama Yumi
Voice Acting Score : Excellent
The leader of Sabagebu. A girl from an extremely rich family. After all, an anime about high school girls always need a girl from rich family or else, it won’t be complete. Miou is on 3rd year and the only member who is already turn 18. She is a gun maniac and an expert in Sabagebu. She uses a pair of Desert Eagle as her weapon.

Kyoudou Maya

Voiced by : Lynn
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
A gravure model with the best looking body. Maya is on 2nd year. Her body often makes Momoka and Urara jealous of her and ended up punishing her. Maya is usually the first one to get shot in the game. Her weapon is M4A1 Carbine. She is the only member who uses a rifle as her weapon.

Kasugano Urara

Voiced by : Ookubo Rumi
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Urara is another member in 1st year. She is the most physically powerful member despite her small body. She is a masochist. A Do-M to be more precise. She acts cute outside but a total hentai inside. She used to be Miou lover but turned to Momoka after Momoka punished her violently as Momoka’s revenge to what Urara has done to her. Urara uses Dual Glock 26C as her weapon.

Goutokuji Kayo

Voiced by : Touyama Nao
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
The only otaku in Sabagebu. Also in 1st year like Momoka and Urara. Kayo is a cosplay maniac but she rarely speaks. She is also great on dressing others just like when she was given a chance to dress Momoka. She is a genius in academic skills with IQ of 160. Her weapon is Dual Mac-11 sub-machine gun.

Other than the main characters, we also got a few supporting characters like Kamo, Sonokawa Kazue, Sakura Ena, and Karaage Lemon. Kamo is the mascot of Sabagebu so you can see him in every episode. Kazue is Momoka’s mother who is actually a skillful gunner as well, even better than her daughter. Sakura Ena is the advisor of the club who rarely appears in the club. Karaage lemon is an expert shooting video game player who were beaten by Momoka in video game dual and later become Momoka’s follower.

Voice Acting
This is very unusual but I found Uchiyama Yumi to be the best voice actress here. I didn’t realized it was her from the start. Miou’s voice does sound commanding and charismatic (despite her awkward moment just right after the introduction). This is because I didn’t expect Ucchii can take her voice acting to be as high as this. So, I thought Maya was the one voiced by Ucchii at the first guess. Naobou’s performance is also unexpected. From the cheerful and loud girl like Karen in KinMoza and multiple Kongou sisters voice with different personalities, I really didn’t expect she would voice a quite girl like Kayo. Rumirumi is the one with the widest voice range. From the cute one to the sadistic one just to match one character multiple personalities. Hasshii is expected because Momoka sounds pretty much like her. For Lynn, this is the second time I listened to her voice acting and it was more than just okay. So, in overall, the voice acting is very good.

Sabagebu_CastsFrom Left to Right : Oohashi Ayaka, Uchiyama Yumi, Ookubo Rumi, Lynn, Touyama Nao

Final Thoughts

Sabagebu is filled in unexpected turns of event. The idea is cool and the expansion is funny. Just like Syakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume, this anime tried to make the concept overly dramatic. In this case, Survival Game. But the expansion is much better, I’d say 3-stops (or 8 times) better than Syakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume. The reason is simple, lack of unnecessary and annoying characters. Yeah, there are many weird characters in this anime, I admit. But they bring fun into the story instead of making the story unnecessarily scary. After all, this anime is offers great portion of comedy that able to make me laugh many times throughout the episodes.

Other components in this anime like Music, Characters, and of course the voice actresses are very good. Well the animation isn’t quite up to be called very good but it is still good. So, generally, this anime favors me in a very good way. This is also the first anime where I found Uchiyama Yumi doing excellent voice acting and even made me totally fall in love with her. I’d love to see a 2nd season for this anime but it is likely hoping too much.

Story 8
Animation 7
Sounds & Musics 8
Characters 8
Voice Acting 8
Overall 8
Rated as Very Good

Pros :
(+) A lot of comedy
(+) Multiple and different character personalities makes the show interesting
(+) Excellent voice acting from Uchiyama Yumi
(+) Very good music and theme songs composition to follow the anime

Cons :
(-) Animation can be better and more detailed

Bonus content :

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