Digimon Adventure Tri. 3 Kokuhaku Anime Review

Digimon_Adventure_tri._3_02Digimon Adventure Tri. has reach 4th film by the time I make this post. It has been sometimes since I posted the review of the 2nd film. Unlike the 2nd film, I didn’t rush to watch the 3rd film this time. Simply because the first 2 films failed to impress me. So, I expect the 3rd film will stay that way. And it turns out, my guess is correct. Digimon Adventure Tri. 3 : Kokuhaku lacks of action but stuffed with too many drama. The movie was released in September 24, 2016. The story progress is going very slowly, making it a really boring movie.

This time, the Digimon infection is getting widespread. Partner Digimons were also infected and later rebooted. This first Partner Digimon who gets infected was Patamon. Takeru realize that Patamon was infected and then decided to hide from the others. Later, one by one, every partner Digimons were slowly infected as well. Meicoomon went berserk and causes distortion everywhere. It was told that reboot was the only solution to restore Digital World from the infection. The Digimons join power to capture Meicoomon but one by one the Digimon lost control of their own body due to the infection except Tentomon. Tentomon have to fight against his friends to capture Meicoomon. Tentomon gets to power to Kyuuketsu Shinka or Mega Digivolution. The conclusion of this movie is reboot is happening in Digital World to eradicate the infected Digimon. The chosen children then visit Digital World once again. They find it a surprise to see Alphamon fight against Jesmon. Later, they manage to find their partner Digimons in baby form. It is also revealed that the one behind Digimon Emperor figures who manipulates ImperialDramon in 2nd movie is actually Gennai who sided with the chosen children in the TV Anime.

Like I already mentioned, the story is very boring. The most boring Digimon anime I have ever watch. Main reason is because this movie lacks of action. Instead, the story focuses on the drama between the chosen children or Digidestined and the their partner Digimon.

The animation looks more decent now. But of course still behind other 2016 anime(s). From the start, I expect the animation will not impress me. And of course that turns out to be true.

Sound & Music
BGM is still lacking like the previous movies. Sometimes the music is out of place. The opening theme song is still “Butter-Fly~tri. Version~” by Wada Kouji who passed away not too long after the second movie released. The ending song is “Boku ni Totte” (僕にとって) by KNIFE OF DAY.


Final Thoughts
The reception of the 3rd is generally good. But I still feel disappointed. Mainly due to the lack of action and the story going unexpected, somehow out of context. The reboot of Digital World makes me question the ending of Digimon Adventure Zero Two. How is the story going to connect? Also… The characters from Digimon Adventure Zero never show up. This makes me wonder even more. What the hell happened to them? Did they break up? And why are they not try to unit once again when the world needs them?

With the story somehow going out of context, I expect Toei Animation to make a great come back in the next movies to make things right again. Well… I keep following this movie due to curiosity but so far the impression is flat.

Story 6
Animation 6
Sounds & Musics 6
Characters 7
Voice Acting 8
Overall 6
Rated as Decent

Pros :
(+) Nothing, really

Cons :
(-) Animation is still not good enough
(-) BGM sometimes doesn’t match the atmosphere
(-) Too much drama, lack of action


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