Syakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume : Table Tennis Goes Overly Dramatic

Shakunetsu_no_Takkyuu_Musume_SC12An anime about sports, specifically table tennis aired in 2016. Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume use junior high school girls as its characters. Pretty much like other anime(s) which tried to capture its audience using moe looking girls. But I haven’t seen any anime using table tennis as its theme, so this anime made it to my watch list. This anime was aired from October 3, 2016 to December 19, 2016. So, it was just ended 3 months ago. 

Okay. Using table tennis as its theme captured my interest. I was hoping this anime would use logical approach. Well there are some logical things in this anime and some anime logic things as well. Unfortunately, the story itself is being illogical, especially the characters. To be honest, I am not impressed with the story. I expected too much. I was hoping this anime would be cool like Yowamushi Pedal but with moe characters or extremely humorous like Bakuon!!. I was wrong. Not only I am not impressed, I actually think the story falls into bad category due to its absurd contents. The story is overly dramatic. This left similar impression to the extremely awful anime Medaka Box. Too bad… Really…

A 2016 anime with outdated looking animation. And even worse, the characters were designed to be cute and moe looking but main story itself is very lacking of moe contents. In short, the animation is no good and the character design doesn’t fit the horrible story at all.

Sound & Music
I was thinking that Digimon Adventure tri.’s BGM was somehow out of place. This anime is even worse. In some scene, especially on the tennis table match, the BGM sounds scary. Cute looking characters paired with scary BGM. Thanks to the cute looking character design, the BGM clearly feels out of place. On some cases, the BGM sounds overly dramatic, just like story. The opening theme song is “Shakunetsu Switch” (灼熱スイッチ)  performed by Hanamori Yumiri, Tanaka Minami, Kouno Marika, Kuwahara Yuuki, Imamura Ayaka, and Toujou Hisako. It is not fit for the opening animation. The song itself is cute though, but overly dramatic looking opening animation is just not fit for the song. The ending theme song is  “Bokura no Frontier” (僕らのフロンティア) by Wake Up, Girls!. The songs is better and also paired better with the ending animation.

6 Characters from the main team. 1 of them is normal enough and the other 5 are weird. At least not as weird as the characters from other team though.

Tsumujikaze Koyori

Voiced by : Hanamori Yumiri

A shy transfer student who joins Suzumegahara’s table tennis club. She loves table tennis and was a prefectural semifinalist in her previous school. She is very clumsy, good at nothing but table tennis. She ranked 2nd in the club.
Kamiya Agari

Voiced by : Tanaka Minami

A second year in the table tennis club and the ace of the club. Koyori managed to beat her in their first match but Agari keep fight back. Until the end of the story, Agari still ranked 1st in the club.
Tenka Hanabi

Voiced by : Kouno Marika

A second year table tennis club member who is classmates with Koyori and Agari. She relies on speed in table tennis match. She ranked 4th in the club, above Hokuto and Mune Mune-senpai. However, in every match she seems weaker than the two. Hanabi and Hokuto are the only who never win any matches.
Itsumo Hokuto

Voiced by : Kuwahara Yuuki

A second year table tennis club member who is friends with Hanabi. She generally can guess what type of pantsu someone is wearing from their paddle. Not only that, she calls her friends as the pantsu their wear. For example, calling Agari Shiro-pantsu and calling Koyori Momo-pantsu. Her play style is like computer. She calculated the best angle to strike. However, she never win any matches in the anime, just like Hanabi. She ranked 5th in the club and her family runs a table tennis specialist store.
Oomune Mune

Voiced by : Imamura Ayaka

A third year and the vice-captain of the table tennis club. The others call her Munemune based on her name on extremely big boobs, especially for mid-school standards. Together with Kiruka, Munemune are a deadly pair. Well… perhaps not so deadly. She ranked 6th in the club.
Ushirode Kiruka

Voiced by : Toujou Hisako

A third year and the captain of the table tennis club. She is strong in both single and double play. She loves to tease the other members. Despite her strength, she still ranked 3rd in the club.

Other than the 6 main charas, we also go some supporting characters. Not to mentioned the antagonist of this anime who looks like a bunch of sickos. This kind of characters really ruin the fun of this anime.

Voice Acting
Only 2 of 6 six main characters did very good. They are Tanaka Minami and Hanamori Yumiri. The rests are good but not impressive. I am surprised that Imamura isn’t leaving a very good impression, just a plain good impression with nothing impressive. Marika, Yuuki, and Hisako also failed to impressed me. Even the Tsubochin who used to leave excellent impressions also failed impress me. But at least Hanabee and Minyami deliver what they can do, even in a not so good anime like this. Overall, the voice acting is decent but failed to impressed me.Shakunetsu_no_Takkyuu_Musume_Seiyuu

Final Thoughts
Anime about sports often designed too dramatic. Syakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume is even worse than most of them. It adds some illogical stuffs that ruins the fun. This reminds me a lot of Medaka Box where the story goes out of the picture and ended up being too horrible for my taste. Syakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume isn’t as horrible as Medaka Box, but my impression with the anime told me that this is going there. I don’t I would want to watch any sequels of this anime, if there were any.

Story 5
Animation 6
Sounds & Musics 5
Characters 5
Voice Acting 7
Overall 5
Rated as Bad

(+) Cute looking seiyuu, hardly related to the anime coz I am not refering to their voice acting
(+) So much room for improvement because this anime is bad in every parts, except voice acting (which is good but still not impressive)

(-) Overly dramatic and illogical story telling
(-) Animation looks outdated
(-) Bad and out of placed musics
(-) Too much weird characters, Agari is the only one being normal character



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