Wake Up, Girls! 2 Anime Film Review: The Rise, Fall,and Rise of Idols

Up, Down, and Up Again.

Following my review of Wake Up, Girls! 1st Movie and TV Series earlier, I finally watched the 2nd and 3rd Movie. These two movies are titled Wake Up, Girls! Seishuun no Kage and Wake uUp, Girls! Beyond The Bottom. Both serve as direct sequel to the TV Anime. So, if you have watched the TV Anime, you should watch these two movies to make complete the story of Wake Up, Girls!. Seishuun no Kage was released on September 25, 2015 and Beyond The Bottom follows on December 11, 2015. Other than these two movies, there is a new TV Anime to be released this year in 2017. But I haven’t checked any informations about this new TV Anime.

The first anime film and TV Anime were pretty decent. It is good but has a lot room for improvement, especially on animation and music. Music is really critical for idol-themed anime like this. The first film and TV Series didn’t quite deliver it, unfortunately. Now in the second and third film, I can see the animation improved quite noticeably. The character design stays the same which isn’t a bad thing. I’d say the animation is about 1-stop better than the previous film and TV Anime which is very good! However, the music isn’t really improving. Too bad.


The characters stays the same. No additional main roles, no problem. Keeping the focus on the previous 7 girls is okay for the sake of consistency. Not much has changed on the characters personality. In their appearance, no one but Yoppii changes. Yoppii now has short hair. None of the characters have short hair before. It is not a necessary change but nice to see for more dynamic flow.

So how about the story? This is something that I found not good. Wake Up, Girls! got a chance to go to Tokyo so they could grow their popularity even more. At first, they  managed to do well. But… Their first success relies on Hayasaka’s song. Their 2nd song no longer composed by Hayasaka and it doesn’t sell. They even try to sell it directly by themselves but still no avail. This failure threats their position. Hayasaka appears once again and help them by making another song for them with a condition. They have to compete in Idol Festival once again. But this time, I-1 Club joins the competition as direct competitor. Also, the rules have changed. The idol must have two songs in order to join the competition. Hayasaka only provides one song and refuse to provide another song. So, the rest is up to Wake Up, Girls! and Green Leaf to overcome this challenge. Anyway, the ending is okay but not glorious.

Unlike Love Live story which takes anime logic, Wake Up, Girls! story takes realistic approach. From time to time, we can see their struggle and success are real. But several things in this anime are too illogical. Let’s say… When Wake Up, Girls! failed in their second single. The blame is because the song is not composed by Hayasaka. That is something unlikely happen in idol world I think. The more logical thing is because their first single composed by Hayasaka sucks real bad so the customers got disappointed with their song. Also… the moment they tried to sell their own single directly but no one cares…. That is just too punishing. Normally, people (specifically) in Japan will still have interest if an idol unit sold their single directly. Even those who don’t know about them can be interested too. This logic ruins my good impression. So… I consider the story is overall worse than the first film and TV Anime by 2-stops.


Is this anime bad? Or sucks? It depends… The story is not enough to be considered good but the animation has been noticeably improved when compared to the first film and TV series. For those who already watched the first film and TV Series. You should give this anime a consideration to complete the story. It’s still worth your time. But for those who haven’t watched Wake Up, Girls! at all, perhaps there is a fifty-fifty chance that you’ll be satisfied with the story. The good thing is however, this isn’t the end of Wake Up, Girls! because a new TV series is planned for 2017. Hopefully, it can bring more joy to the series.

Story 6
Animation 8
Sounds & Musics 7
Characters 7
Voice Acting 7
Overall 7
Rated as Good

(+) Noticeably improved animation

(-) Somehow illogical and emotionally weak story
(-) Weak music performance for idol-themed anime



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