Godzilla Anime Appears on Twitter, Casts Revealed

The news about Godzilla coming into anime has been around since mid-2016. But I didn’t pay any attention unfortunately. Now it appears we are getting closer to the release date of the anime although there is no exact date when the anime will be released. The good news is the anime will be released in 2017. And here is the official Twitter account of @GODZILLA_ANIME.

Another good news is they also revealed the main casts.

As you can clearly see on the picture, they are the main casts. Perhaps some of you don’t know who they are and don’t know how to read Kanji. So, here is the line from Top-Left to Bottom-Right :
Kaji Yuuki – Sakurai Takahiro – Sugita Tomokazu
Suwabe Junichi – Hanazawa Kana – Miyano Mamoru

Wait… There is only one female cast. Is this mean the other character will be male? That is likely. This will likely not become a moe seiyuu with cute girls after all.

For more information, you can just follow the twitter account or visit the website http://godzilla-anime.com/index.html.

PS : This Godzilla Anime is not the same with Godzilla The Series Cartoon released many years ago.


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