TV Anime LOST SONG Marks Tamura Yukari’s Return and Suzuki Konomi’s Debut


A New Original TV Anime titled “LOST SONG” has been introduced. This anime will feature Tamura Yukari and Suzuki Konomi as double heroines. The official website is Currently, the website hasn’t provide us with many information about what this anime would be. Only Key Visual can be seen on the website. But… there are two things to be noticed, Tamura Yukari finally returns to her seiyuu career as main heroine once again and Suzuki Konomi, a well-known anisong singer makes her debut as seiyuu in this anime.

Suzuki Konomi will play as Rin, the girl on right side of the picture while Tamura Yukari will play as Finis, the girl on the left side of the picture. Konomin’s said that Rin spreading her eyes on Key Visual had an innocent and lovely impression. She is still don’t know what her personality would be but she look forward to as this is her first role as seiyuu. Yukarin said Finis’ facial expression on the Key Visual looks intense but she still don’t know what kind of world and fate she lived in. So, even according to both seiyuu, they still have no idea what the story exactly would be. But judging from the title and the involvement of Suzuki Konomi, I am sure this anime will have relation to music, something like WHITE ALBUM.

Well, that’s all the information I can dig for now, unfortunately. Hopefully, more detail will be revealed later.

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