High School Fleet Anime Review : TrySail Set Sail

High School Fleet (in short Haifuri) was a2016 anime that I expected to be one of the best. Until I watched every episode, I can say that this anime is the best 2016 I have watched, so far. Hibike Euphonium 2 will likely to be 2 stops better though but I haven’t watch Hibike Euphonium 2 yet. Aired from April to June 2016 with total number episode of 12, Haifuri brings us a series of adventure of moe looking high school girls in a warship. This anime ended up being one of the best anime of 2016, breaking into the 4th place on a poll made by NewType Magazine. At first, I expected the story will be like Girls und Panzer. Blowing my expectation away and provide me a refreshing and tactical combat packs with intelligent and logical strategies. Girls und Panzer turns out to be much better than my expectation. So, I was expecting Haifuri will do the same.


From the start, it appears to be a peaceful anime about students who is going to learn about warships. I like the idea. It seems to be peaceful. On my mind, this might be even more peaceful than Girls und Panzer. However, 1st episode already proved me wrong. It’s not a peaceful anime. As it turns out a battle already clashed on its first episode, putting the students in danger. Everything is clearer until I watched 1st half of the total episode. I don’t hate the anime, it’s just blowing my expectation away even from the 1st episode, as much as Girls und Panzer did.

So, the story takes place somewhere in the future where Japan sinks into the Ocean due to tectonic movement on earth. Two close friends, Misaki Akeno and China Moeka wanted to become Blue Mermaid, protector of the sea. 9 years later, they meet up again in Yokosuka Marine Girls High School to realize their dream. However, their meeting won’t last long because they have to be separated again. The two were chosen as Captain of different ship. Moeka becomes the captain of Musashi, a Yamato-class battleship with the crew members of the best students while Akeno becomes the captain of Harukaze, a destroyer ship with oddballs crew members who passed with the lowest grade. They sail for the first time but it turns out something strange happens to the instructor and fellow students.

Bright and clear are two words I use to describe the animation. The details are very good but still not as excellent as Girls und Panzer or Strike Witches. I am not disappointed however. Everything looks great, from the ship details, environment, weather, and the characters. Quite up to standard of what 2016 anime should be.


Sound and Music
This is where anime like this truly excel. The musics and sound effects are amazing. The sound of ship engine is always audible in every related scene. The sound effect of cannon firing is almost on par with Girls und Panzer. The background music is excellent. The opening theme song is “High Free Spirits” by TrySail. The song is excellent and the combination with the opening scene makes it even more awesome. This song even ranked 1st on NewType Anime Award 2015-2016 Best Theme Song. The ending theme song is “Ripple Effect” by Haruna Luna and it is a quite relaxing song.


I lost count with the number of character in this anime. Certainly, it is far less than Girls und Panzer but still so many. Because of this, many of them doesn’t have too many screen time. The Bridge Crews are the easiest to remember because they have more screen time than other characters.


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Misaki Akeno/ Mike-chan
Voiced by : Natsukawa Shiina
Position : Captain of Harukaze
Munetani Mashiro /  Shiro-chan
Voiced by : Lynn
Position : Deputy Captain of Harukaze
Tateishi Shima / Tama-chan
Voiced by : Furuki Nozomi
Position : Chief of Artillery Officer
Irizaki Mei / Mei-chan
Voiced by : Tanezaki Atsumi
Position : Chief of Torpedo Officer
Shiretoko Rin / Rin-chan
Voiced by : Kubo Yurika
Position : Chief Navigator
Nosa Kouko / Koko-chan
Voiced by : Kurose Yuuko
Position : Secretary / Recording Personal


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Ogasawara Hikari / Hikari-chan
Voiced by : Sawada Miharu
Position : Artillery Officer
Takeda Michiru / Micchin
Voiced by : Kikuchi Hitomi
Position : Artillery Officer
Heki Junko / Jun-chan
Voiced by : Tanaka Minami
Position : Artillery Officer
Matsunaga Ritsuko / Ricchan
Voiced by : Maruyama Yuka
Position : Torpedo Officer
Himeji Kayoko / Kayo-chan
Voiced by : Tanabe Rui
Position : Torpedo Officer
Marikouji Kaede /  Marikouji-san
Voiced by : Nakamura Sakura
Position : Sonar Personnel


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Katsuta Satoko / Sato-chan
Voiced by : Satsuki Chisato
Position : Navigation Officer
Yamashita Hideko / Shuu-chan
Voiced by : Taichi You
Position : Port Navigation Control Officer
Uchida Mayumi / Mayu-chan
Voiced by : Miyajima Emi
Position : Starboard Navigation Control Officer
Yagi Tsugumi / Tsugu-chan
Voiced by : Yamashita Nanami
Position : Sonar Technician/Telegraph Personnel
Uda Megumi /  Megu-chan
Voiced by : Fujita Akane
Position : Operation Specialist
Noma Machiko / Macchi
Voiced by : Kobayashi Yuu
Position : Lookout Personnel


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Yanagiwara Maron / Maron-chan
Voiced by : Takamori Natsumi
Position : Chief Engineering
Kuroki Hiromi / Kuro-chan
Voiced by : Aikawa Natsuki
Position : Chief Engineer Assistant
Wakasa Reo / Reo-chan
Voiced by : Shimizu Ayaka
Position : Engineering Officer
Ise Sakura / Sakura-chan
Voiced by : Fuku Sanae
Position : Engineering Officer
Suruga Runa / Runa-chan
Voiced by : Ozawa Ari
Position : Engineering Officer
Hirota Sora / Sora-chan
Voiced by : Kaneko Sayaka
Position : Engineering Officer
Wazumi Hime / Hime-chan
Voiced by : Nitta Hiyori
Position : Damage Control Chief
Aoki Momo / Momo-chan
Voiced by : Ohashi Ayuru
Position : Damage Control Officer


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Toumatsu Mimi / Mimi-chan
Voiced by : Ootsu Airi
Position : Head of Logistics / Chief Accountant
Irako Mikan /  Mikan-chan
Voiced by : Asakura Momo
Position : Head of Cook
Kinesaki Homare / Hocchan
Voiced by : Itou Kanae
Position : Cook
Kinesaki Akane / Acchan
Voiced by : Itou Kanae
Position : Cook
Kaburagi Minami / Kaburagi-san
Voiced by : Asumi Kana
Position : Doctor / Medical Chief

Voiced by : Tsuruoka Satoshi
Position : Mascot of Harukaze
China Moeka / Moka-chan
Voiced by : Amamiya Sora
Position : Captain of Musashi.
Wilhelmiina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg / Mii-chan
Voiced by : Igarashi Hiromi
Position : Deputy Captain of Admiral Graf Spee
Furushou Kaoru
Voiced by : Toyoguchi Megumi
Position : Instructor of Yokosuka Marine Girls High School / Captain of the Sarushima
Munetani Mayuki
Voiced by : Kaida Yuuko
Position : Principal of Yokosuka Marine Girls High School
Munetani Mashimo
Voiced by : Nakahara Mai
Position : First Class Inspector of Blue Mermaids
Munetani Mafuyu
Voiced by : Chisa Yuuki
Position : Captain of Benten

Speaking about TrySail, all of them are in this anime. Nansu finally have glorious leading role. Ten-chan also got a nice role but unfortunately, very short screen time and dialogue. Mocho’s role is even less important but she still got more screen time than Ten-chan. Between all of the characters, my favorite is Mocho’s character. She is the cutest of all and Mocho’s voice acting are really up to it! Nicely done, Mocho! Nansu also did very good as lead role. She normally doesn’t sound this cute but she can do her role nicely. Ten-chan is cool and gentle. Fits the type of Moeka’s personality. But this show is more than just TrySail. We also got two girls from Wake Up! Girls, Yamashita Nanami and Tanaka Minami whose presence is not virtually not exists. I don’t even know which one is their character until I compile the character list.

So, other noticeable seiyuu(s) are Asumi Kana as Minami, the loli doctor with outstanding knowledge. I didn’t realize Asumi Kana was behind the voice until I noticed a change in Minami’s tone when she tell us her real age. Kubo Yurika as Rin-chan is so cute. She reminds me of Hanayo in Love Live. Well, Hanayo isn’t that coward though. Igarashi Hiromi as Wilhelmiina is another noticeable role. She sounds different than her usual voice. This puts her voice acting to another degree. Furuki Nozomi and Tanezaki Atsumi did fine. Enough to impressed me due the way they handle their unique characters.

Haifuri is clearly one of the best anime in 2016. Ranked 4th on NewType Best Anime Award truly means something after all. The story is well-directed, the animation is great, the music is nice, the sound effect is awesome, the characters are very well thought, and the voice acting is generally very good. The only thing lacking in this anime is male characters. However, unlike Girls und Panzer, there is no women supremacy here because men can just handle warship just fine. The story simply takes side from Girls High School. So, it is another plus. The strong point of this anime isn’t just moe characters, but also the story which makes this anime even more appealing.

Story 8
Animation 9
Sounds & Musics 10
Characters 8
Voice Acting 8
Overall 8
Rated as Very Good

(+) Extremely awesome musics and sound effects
(+) Beautiful looking animation
(+) Story line is not quite predictable
(+) Well-balanced action and story telling
(+) Moe looking characters

(-) Ending is not quite satisfying
(-) Too many characters can be confusing



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