Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? Anime Review : From Coffee to Friendship


2 seasons anime aired in 2014 and 2015 with total episode of 24 from both season. Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? or in short GochiUsa is an anime of with a very relaxing stories. First season was aired from April 10, 2014 to June 26, 2014 while the second season was aired from October 10, 2015 to December 26, 2015. The reception of this anime is generally very good. Mainly due to its cute characters and cute storyline. The story itself is about daily life of teenage girls who work in cafes. Just like many anime with this theme, GochiUsa main attraction is cute characters instead of the story. But don’t get me wrong, the story itself is very far from bad. In fact, I’d say the story is also excellent. Just about as colorful as the characters.

The story takes place in a coffee shop in a town that seems to be designed like classic town in Italy. The coffee shop is called Rabbit House. There are two other shops known in the story, Ama Usa An and Fleur de Lapin. They have different style and focus on different menus. The main characters are 5 school girls in the town. Cocoa, Chino, and Rize who work at Rabbit House, Chiya who work at Ama Usa An, and Syaro who work at Fleur de Lapin. They have a good friendship that will bring us to an entertaining and relaxing story. It is typically about what school girls would do, (with exception Rize because she has weird interest of guns). The story itself is comical and doesn’t always make sense but as I said, very entertaining.


GochiUsa have an excellent looking animation. Colorful as the story with beautiful finishing. Just a quick tips from me, boost monitor color and contrast when watching this anime and you’ll find the beauty of its animation. The background is remarkably beautiful throughout the story leaving a strong impression that the studio really works their best when producing this anime. The character design is really cute but make them look so childish despite their age. Too much moe injection perhaps? However, I am sure many viewer favor this type of chara design because the cuteness of the characters really match the cuteness of the story.

Wouldn’t go unnoticed for me. Music is the strong suite as well on this anime. From cute opening and ending theme song of both 1st and 2nd season to well-arranged background music for every scene. It is wise to leave the opening and ending theme to the seiyuu for both season. They performed really impressive and far from disappointing. Having the seiyuu performed the song can boost the impression to each characters. Especially the PV of Season 1 opening theme song with all of the seiyuu wearing Rabbit House uniform. Too bad they didn’t do the same for Season 2. Perhaps the theme songs didn’t sell well enough.



Main Characters
As I mentioned earlier, there are 5 main characters in the story. Without the characters, perhaps GochiUsa’s story won’t be as interesting as it should because I see that this anime relies more on characters to develop the story rather than just simply focused on the story.

Cocoagochiusa_seiyuu_01Voiced by : Sakura Ayane
Voice Acting Score : Excellent
A very clumsy girl that seems to be unreliable. Cocoa studied on a nearby high school in town but her families live far away in mountain area. Therefore Cocoa moved to Rabbit House to work and live Rabbit House. She is the youngest daughter in her family and her eldest sister spoiled her quite often. She want Chino to be her little sister but somehow, Chino always seems to keep the distant. As the story progress, Cocoa gets closer to Chino.

Chinogochiusa_seiyuu_02Voiced by : Minase Inori
Voice Acting Score : Very Good (Season 1) / Excellent (Season 2)
A Junior high school student who wanted to become a Barista. Chino is the daughter of Rabbit House owner and will inherit the shop in the future. She is pretty much quite and not sociable, making Cocoa feels rather awkward on their first meeting. Chino always speaks in a formal and polite way, mainly because she is always surrounded by adults. She almost always carry Tippy in her head because she feel that something is missing without Tippy. Tippy herself is the mascot of Rabbit House with Chino’s grandfather soul inside. Although she is still young, her knowledge about Coffee is already very good.

Rizegochiusa_seiyuu_03Voiced by : Taneda Risa
Voice Acting Score : Good
A daughter of a very wealthy family in the town. Rize studies at high-class high school. She is one year older than Cocoa. She already works in Rabbit House before Cocoa. Rize has a weird interest to guns and military stuffs. She pointed a real pistol to Cocoa in their first meeting, scaring Cocoa a lot. As the oldest main character, Rize appears to be the most reliable. She is admired by many other girls in her school due to her outstanding ability in many sports.

Chiyagochiusa_seiyuu_04Voiced by : Satou Satomi
Voice Acting Score : Outstanding
The granddaughter of Ama Usa An’s owner. Ama Usa An is a Japanese-styled Tea Shop. It has a mascot known named Anko. Chiya and Cocoa are on the same high school and the two are best friends. They first met when Cocoa got lost on her way to school. The two quickly become a good friend after their first meeting. Unlike Cocoa, Chiya is a very gentle and reliable girl although not as reliable as Rize. In some ways, Chiya likes to make jokes of her friend. She is a childhood friend of Syaro and she knows how difficult the life of her friend is.

Syarogochiusa_seiyuu_05Voiced by : Uchida Maaya
Voice Acting Score : Very Good (Season 1) / Excellent (Season 2)
A part-timer of Fleur de Lapin. Fleur de Lapin is itself is a cafe which serves Herbal Tea. Syaro goes to the same high school as Rize as scholarship student. But being a scholarship student, Syaro herself is actually quite poor. Syaro is Chiya’s childhood friend and lives next to Ama Usa An. She is scared of rabbit and gets drunk easily with caffeine. Therefore, a cup of coffee will make her drunk. She is a big admirer of Rize and somehow appears to be fall in love with her.

Supporting Characters
Aside from 5 main characters, we also got 6 supporting characters who appears quite often in the story.

Tippygochiusa_s2_09Voiced by : Kiyokawa Motomu
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
A female angora rabbit who serves as the mascot of Rabbit House. Inside her is Chino’s grandfather soul. Chino and her father are the only two who know about Tippy’s secret. Sometimes, her Grandfather speaks but the others simply assumed that it is Chino who play with her voice as Tippy.

Aoyama Blue Mountaingochiusa_seiyuu_09Voiced by : Hayami Saori
Voice Acting Score : Excellent
A famous novelist in the town who visits Rabbit House quite often. Aoyama admires Chino’s Grandfather as the former master of Rabbit House. Mocha is an admirer of her novel.

Mayagochiusa_seiyuu_07Voiced by : Tokui Sora
Voice Acting Score : Good
Chino’s classmate in junior high school who seems to be energetic and rather tomboy. May appears to take interest to Rize as her insipiration.

Megumigochiusa_seiyuu_08Voiced by : Murakawa Rie
Voice Acting Score : Good
Chino’s classmate in junior high school who is more shy and gentle. Her mother is a ballerina teacher and Megu herself is a talented ballerina.

Mochagochiusa_seiyuu_10Voiced by : Kayano Ai
Voice Acting Score : Excellent
Chino’s big sister. A very reliable sister with virtually no weakness. Mocha experts in everything. She loves to cuddle the other girls and Rize appears to be kinda afraid with her cuddle.

Takahirogochiusa_seiyuu_06Voiced by : Hayami Sho
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Chino’s father who work at Rabbit House at night. He is a good friend of Rize’s father. Takahiro mostly seen at the end of the episodes with Tippy.

Voice Acting
I mentioned my voice acting score for each characters above. I find it Satou Satomi’s voice to be my favorite. Chiya is also my favorite characters as she is the closest to what ideal wife according to my version. Satou Satomi’s gentle voice really melts my heart. Hayami Saori as Aoyama Blue Mountain is the runner up with similar impression I found. Gentle and kind-hearted womanly voices. Sakura Ayane is on the third place. Sakura Ayane can cover many different type of voice beautifully. But I found her being childish like Cocoa is so adorable. On the bottom side, Taneda Risa is still there, lagging behind other younger seiyuus. I don’t hate Tane-chan and I don’t consider her voice acting bad. However, I consistently found her voice acting to be less impressive than other seiyuus in the same show. The good side is, I feel her voice acting improved noticeably on the second season, better than Murakawa Rie and Tokui Sora in this anime.


An excellent anime that you shouldn’t miss. Between Season 1 and Season 2, there are some noticeable improvement on the story. The characters are also developed and we get the chance to know more about them. Animation is virtually identical between 2 seasons but they are already excellent from the start. Kiniro Mosaic is perhaps a good comparison of this anime. On first season, I’d season GochiUsa is less attractive than KinMosa but GochiUsa is better than KinMosa on second season. If you haven’t watched this anime, then there is no real reason to not watch it.

Scoring for Season 1

Story 8
Animation 9
Sounds & Musics 9
Characters 9
Voice Acting 8
Overall 8
Rated as Very Good 

Scoring for Season 2

Story 9
Animation 9
Sounds & Musics 9
Characters 9
Voice Acting
Rated as Excellent

(+) Relaxing and entertaining story
(+) Beautiful looking animation
(+) Very nice music & sound effect
(+) Interesting characters with generally excellent voice acting

(-) Lack of male characters



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