Satou Rina is Married in 2016? Found Someone To Cry and Laugh Together


A recent blog entry from Satou Rina, the lady with the gentlest voice under the heaven posted just one minute before 2017 according to Japan time revealed that Satou Rina has finally someone to laught and cry together. In other words, she found her true love. And even more, she mentioned that she has found a little life to care for and protect. This might mean, she has a child (or will have one soon). A shocking but happy news. From her blog post, I also learned that her father and mother have passed away but she respect them. She is also feel sorry not telling about her marriage directly. And finally, she wished that 2017 will be a wonderful year for everyone.

Congratulations Satou Rina! Too bad I can’t be the one to share your happiness and tears. But definitely, I am happy for you. Hope your family will last forever, even in the after life.

To be honest, my heart is shaking. It feels like tears are going to flow from my eyes anytime. I am not even sure these are tears of happiness or sadness.

2016 was a year with so many cruel news for many of us. Many great names and stars have fallen in 2016. While I found myself still much luckier, 2016 has also been the worst year I’ve been through since many years before. However, many people have found their happiness in 2016. Even in the darkest night, there is always a light. And 2016 is not even the darkest year.

May 2017 be a wonderful year for everyone.
Just as what Satou Rina hoped.
Once again, congratulations for your new life.


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