Minase Inori’s Death Threats Culprit is not yet Arrested?


Learning from the news reported by Crunchyroll, Sony Music Artists, the agency behind Minase Inori released a comment that the suspect behind Minase Inori’s murder threats is not yet arrested. Several foreign sites reported that the man was already arrested before. That was a very quick act I thought but Sony Music Artists statement does not confirm such report from Police in Taiwan. The police only reported the suspect to the prosecutor’s office on a charge of blackmail and the man is still free to visit her events.

I guess this is the reason why Sony Music Artists cancels many of Inorin’s appearance in many upcoming events. This is a very unfortunate condition for Inorin and also many of Inorin’s fans. Especially with Inorin’s current popularity which is higher than the clouds (or something like that).

Other than Inorin’s live concert, Sony Music Artists also decided to cancelled the promotional events on several location such as Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Akihabara, Ikebukuro, and of course Taiwan. This might have significant impact on her popularity but I understand that the safety of the artists is the main priority for the agency. It’s good for the agency to protect their artists but with so many cancelled events, do you think this is the best idea?


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