AMD Summit Ridge to be Branded as Zen SR3, SR5, and SR7?

Well… I have just read a rumor from WCCFTech about the naming of next generation AMD CPU. It has been quite sometimes since Zen was announced and we still haven’t seen the final product. No information about the release date as well. Let alone the final specs and model numbers. However, Hassan Mujtaba from WCCFTech found a slide from Chiphell stating the next generation AMD CPU will be called AMD ZEN SR7, ZEN SR5, and ZEN SR3.


SR stands for Summit Ridge I think. One could expect that these product will face Intel Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3 directly based on the numbers But currently, I believe that ZEN SR is not the final product name. Hassan also speculates that the product pricing will be started from $200 which is clearly not cheap for a CPU.

I would consider this as a rumor so don’t expect too much. If AMD able to compete Intel CPU line up, that would be great. But for now, we can only wait until the time for Zen to be arrived.

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