Kayano Ai’s “Kayanomi” #8, More Girls Talk

Kayanomi #8 has been out more than a week ago. Titled  かやのみ #8「みんなで日本酒を飲もう! その2」 translated as Kayanomi #8 “Drink Sake With Everyone Part 2”, the video program pick what’s left in Kayanomi #7. Still with Itou Shizuka and Suzuki Eri as the guest stars. The three of them are casts in TV Anime Amanchu!.

The three of them chats while eating and drinking. There are three sakes introduced in this episode, much more compared to the last episode. But I still feel some drawback compared to earlier episodes where Kayanon visits Sake Shops. There aren’t much explanation about the sakes. Just they drinking and tell how good they are.

They show didn’t go to the direction I like. But for many anime and seiyuu fans, I think this is quite enjoyable. I am still looking forward to the next episode of Kayanomi. What kind of show it is going to be? Perhaps Kayanon might have some surprises.


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