Ootsubo Yuka & Mizuno Manabi no「Sekai no Shokutaku, Gottsuan desu!」 #1

Ootsubo Yuka & Mizuno Manabi no 「Sekai no Shokutaku, Gottsuan desu」 or written in Japanese as  大坪由佳と水野愛日の「世界の食卓、ごっつあんです!」  is a Youtube video program from Animate Times that has just began to be aired on today (tuesday), August 30, 2016 around 9 pm. This is another routine program from Animate Times other than Kayanomi and Ray-chan Zemi featuring well-known celebrities from anime industry. Just like the title of program itself, this program features Ootsubo Yuka and Mizuno Manabi. And to be honest, I have no idea what is the show about when watching the preview. But now that the program has began, let me tell you my impression.

First, when I saw this video up on Animate Times Youtube channel, I can easily guess that this is a cooking program. It’s not a bad idea and is quite interesting for me. I am no good in cooking but I like watching girls cook, especially when they are quite experienced. It gives me a strong impression that they are capable to become a good wife.

Okay, at first I have no idea what they are going to make. There is no ingredients written in the show and perhaps I didn’t catch the hint. But judging from the visible ingredients, it is a food (of course). I just don’t know what it is called. Following the progress, it’s getting clear that they are trying to make Wanton and Shumai. These are Chinese food if you didn’t know. Mizuno-sensei seems more experienced with this kind of stuffs and the difference is clear. Tsubochin on the other side still seems to be inexperienced but she still has some knowledge, unlike Oogame Asuka. Also, you’ll noticed that Tsubochin called Mizuno-sensei as sensei several times although she normally called her Manabi-san.


Okay the food is done. I think the food looks like Gyoza (instead of Wanton) and Shumai. And it seems they missed the keyword, which is revealed as “Sekai no Momo”. They also seems to be surprised by how good the food taste, even though they are the one who made the food. I am not sure how good it is (I am not in the show after all) but Japanese girls mostly show an interesting reaction when tasting a delicious food.Sekai_no_Shokutaku_Gottsuan_desu_03

Anyway, I still haven’t watched Kayanomi #8 which is already up on Youtube since 3 days ago. Hopefully, I could watch it tomorrow.

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