Real Girls Project, The Fifth Unit of THE IDOLM@STER?


A project to bring THE IDOLM@STER to Korea. It’s not an anime of course. It is a Live-action television drama from South Korea. I learn about this project a month after it’s first appearance on Youtube. However, due to my zero knowledge about Korean language. I don’t have much information about this. The only thing I can find about THE IDOLM@STER.KR is below :

The television drama THE IDOLM@STER.KR takes different perspectives from its original video game series to unfold the storyline.  The show will capture each character’s progress to become an idol star and friendships beneath vigorous trainingsat an Korean entertainment production company.

Now it seems that the vote is already end. But one thing that surprised me is the number of finalist. There is only 10!

Real_Girls_Project_02The cast (left to right) :
Lee Ye Eun, Lee Su Ji, Teramoto Yukika, Kwon Ha Seo, Hanabeol
Lee Ji Won, Sori, Chun Jane, Hur Young Joo, Mint

One thing that also surprised is the unit name, Real Girls Project or R. G. P. I thought the unit name will use THE IDOLM@STER name on it, just like the 4 units before this. If you didn’t know the name of the other units, they are : THE IDOLM@STER (765 PRO ALLSTARS+), THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS, THE IDOLM@STER MILLIONSTARS, and THE IDOLM@STER SideM.

You can see the full resolution photo of the cast in
And here is their Official Music Video.

This attract my curiosity, mainly because this is related to THE IDOLM@STER. But… since I don’t understand Korean language at all, collecting informations about them will be very difficult.


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