Watch Kayano Ai’s “Kayanomi” #7 on Youtube

I didn’t private time on these last few days which is the reason I didn’t watch Kayanomi soon after it was published. Now that I have the time and have finished watch Kayanomi #7, it gave a different impression than the other 6 episodes earlier. Animate Times is trying different approach to make the show less monotone. I appreciate that.

The 7th episode is titled  かやのみ #7「みんなで日本酒を飲もう!」 which can be translated to Kayanomi #7 “Drink Sake With Everyone”. Since there is a word of “Everyone”, Kayanon is not alone here. There are two guests accompany her in this episode. One is Itou Shizuka who is already know for her love to alcoholic drink, mainly beer, if you didn’t know. The other one is Suzuki Eri who is getting more attention lately due to her role in Flying Witch and Amanchu!. Anyway, the three of them are casts in Amanchu!.

Having other seiyuus as guests is a nice addition. Especially that seiyuu is Itou Shizuka which should have some or even more knowledge than Kayanon when it comes to sake. Suzuki Eri looks “inexperienced” here. That is quite normal because she is the youngest and she a nice addition to the show. But there is always a room for complain for me. The show seems to be focusing less on sake. There is only one sake introduced here, Hatsuki Jouzou Kinjoushu Blue Label, and not much explanations were given about the product.

While having other seiyuus as guests is a nice addition, I wish the show itself will still mainly focus on introducing and explaining about more sake, deeper. Or else, the show won’t be much different than the other seiyuu variety shows.

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