AMD Raven Ridge will pack 4 Zen Cores and 12 Next Gen GPU Cores

AMD_2016-2017_Roadmap_1A post from Semi-Accurate forum shows that the next generation APU from AMD codenamed Raven Ridge will pack 4 Zen CPU Cores with 8 Threads and 12 Next Gen GPU Cores. That means 50% increase on GPU cores compared to Bristol Ridge which hasn’t been out yet on Desktop but already available for Notebook or Laptop. This also means the Unified Shader or Stream Processor count will be 768, the same amount of Stream Processor count found in Radeon R7 360 and just 2 Compute Unit less than RX 460. Sounds great on paper, eh?


Now let’s move to Desktop platform. There will be Summit Ridge and Raven Ridge for AM4 socket. Summit Ridge will be focused on high-end desktop while Raven Ridge will be focused on mainstream market. If things goes as I hope, Summit Ridge will compete against Core i7 Broadwell-E or even Skylake-X while Raven Ridge will compete with Core i3 and Core i5 Skylake-S or Kaby Lake-S. But with that 12 CU on integrated GPU, Raven Ridge will blow away Intel’s offering with integrated graphics, just like what Kaveri/Godavari did to Skylake integrated GPU.

There is a concern though and that is memory bandwidth. DDR4-2400 on 128 bit memory interface provides only 38.4 GB/s bandwidth. Clocking up the memory to DDR4-3200 will give you 51.2 GB/s of bandwidth. That is still much less than 112 GB/s of bandwidth in Radeon RX 460 using 7 GHz GDDR5. This will bring bottleneck to GPU performance which is unfortunate. But still, this is a nice achievement and will provide a reasonable gaming performance without additional Graphics Card, mostly for under 1080p resolution.


AMD A12-9800 is Bristol Ridge APU for Desktop

Zen Cores will provide 40% IPC over Excavator. With A12-9800 already clock really high at 3.8 GHz, AMD must clocked Zen at least 3.2 GHz to bring noticeable performance improvement (roughly 20%) over Bristol Ridge. Higher than that and it will be even more amazing. That is if 40% IPC improvement were true though. That 40% IPC improvement will bring performance roughly on part with Intel Ivy Bridge line-up 4 years ago. But now, the fastest Skylake is 40% faster than the fastest Ivy Bridge without overclocking. Can Raven Ridge & Summit Ridge compete with Kaby Lake? Raven Ridge is still far away and perhaps it will take one year from now (or even longer) to see the product available for consumer. Summit Ridge, hopefully will available sooner.


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