Watch Kayano Ai’s “Kayanomi” #6 on Youtube

Kayanomi #6 follows where #5 left. Still in KURAND SAKE MARKET in Shinjuku. Shou-chan from KURAND is still assisting Kayanon in this episode, teaching her some knowledge about sake. The subtitle is “Kikizake Taiketsu”  「利き酒対決!」 which can be translated as “Blind (Sake) Tasting Showdown”. Just as the subtitle said, in this episode, Kayanon is tasting several sakes without knowing what sake are they. She is not alone as her manager also did the same while competing with her to guess the sake.

Only one sake introduced in this episode, that is KAZMA 2015 as seen below. Both Kayanon and her manager failed to guess the sake in the blind tasting. You can check the information about the sake in  Later the Manager gave Kayanon Ajitsuke Tamago (Seasoned Egg) and Shou-chan also introduced raw barreled sake to Kayanon which seems to amazed Kayanon quite a lot (judging from her reaction).


This episode marks the closing episode in KURAND SAKE MARKET. Overall, I like this episode. Only one branded sake was introduced though, but it still overall quite enjoyable. Perhaps they need to shorten the duration of the game because it takes several minutes and people might get bored watching Kayanon tasting sake for that long without figuring the sake she drank.

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