Seiyuu Unit Pyxis released PV for 1st Album

Seiyuu Unit Pyxis, which is consists of Toyota Moe and Itou Miku released a PV first for their 1st album titled “First Love Chuuihou!” (First Love 注意報!) which will be released on August 24, 2016. The PV feature “Hatsukoi no Toge” ( 初恋の棘) song which is of course part of the album.

The album will cost ¥3,000 for CD only or ¥3,000 for CD + DVD featuring Hatsukoi no Toge Music Video and making of the music video. The album will feature 10 colorful songs with first love theme. The list of the song in the album is as below :
01. First Love Chuuihou! (First Love 注意報!)
02. Shiny day
03. Atarashii Kimi (新しいキミ)
04. Please!Please!
05. Koi Deshita ( 恋でした)
06. Hazumu Koi Rhythm (ハズム恋リズム)
07. Welcome! My best friend
08. Jyuu-go ban (13番)
09. Tokimeki  Sensation (トキメキセンセーション!)(Album Mix)
10. Hatsukoi no Toge (初恋の棘)

About Pyxis, the unit was formed in May 17, 2015 by both Toyota Moe and Itou Miku. The name of the unit was something that meant to be sparkling things like a jewelry box.


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