Watch Kayano Ai’s “Kayanomi” #5 on Youtube

Kayanomi #5 is finally up and run on Youtube on animate Times channel. The title is かやのみ #5「飲み比べをしに行こう」 which probably can be translated to “Let’s Go Comparing The Drinks”(?). This time Kayanon visits KURAND, a “Sake Market” located in several locations in Japan, specifically Asakusa, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. In this video, the location takes place on KURAND Shinjuku. KURAND also made an article about the video in its own website.

The one assisting Kayanon in this episode is the staff of the store called Shou-chan. He explains quite a lot of stuffs to Kayanon about the sake(s) provided in the store. Two sake(s) are specifically tested by Kayanon. The first one is Te-hajime and the second is Houmei Natsu Junmaiginjou Himawari. Kayanon also seems to be very interested with the glass cleaner and said she wants one in her home.

A photo of Kayanon with the staffs of KURAND from KURAND twitter page.

This show seems to be more interesting for me compared to the last episode. Since Kayanomi staffs also puts a microphone on Shou-chan, it is quite to hear what he said. Also, the camera shots aren’t just focusing on Kayanon but also other people in the show and of course, the sake. It makes the film looks better as a documentary. The camera seems to be quite wobbly when entering KURAND and until Kayanon settled, can be distracting but I think it is still acceptable.


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