Marine Entertainment Released MariColle 「TWINKLING+ STAR」MUSIC VIDEO

Earlier today when listening to Yumi & Risa no Tokyo Laugh Story, I saw the music video of TWINKLING+ STAR from MariColle. This music video features all radio personalities (who are also seiyuus) from Marine Entertainment in full glory!
The seiyuu on the list are :

  1. Ootsubo Yuka
  2. Yamamoto Nozomi
  3. Arakawa Miho
  4. Ookubo Rumi
  5. Hara Sayuri
  6. Tsuda Minami
  7. Touyama Nao
  8. Kiyoto Arisa
  9. Takahashi Minami
  10. Uchiyama Yumi
  11. Taneda Risa
  12. Mikami Shiori

Here is the official Music Video on Youtube :


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