Non Non Biyori Repeat Review : Masterpeace

Ever wondered about living in countryside in Japan? Non Non Biyori might give you an idea about exciting (or boring) it can be. No mobile phone, let alone internet connection because getting mobile phone signal reception is already very difficult. That means no WTF (WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook) and feel free to forget about Youtube. But that is not a bad thing because you will be much closer to the nature and people around. Life can be really quiet and peaceful (or boring).

Non Non Biyori Repeat takes the timelime before and around the time of first Non Non Biyori timeline. It’s not a sequel. It’s a story on the same timeline which weren’t told on first Non Non Biyori. Same as first Non Non Biyori, the story still takes place in Asahigaoka and the characters are the same. Renge, Hotaru, Natsumi, and Komari are still the main characters while the supporting characters Kazuho, Hikage, Kaede (Dagashiya), Konomi, Suguru (Koshigaya’s older brother), and Yukiko (Koshigaya’s mother).

The story on 1st episode starts before Hikage went to Tokyo, Renge hasn’t attended elementary school yet, and Hotaru’s family has just moved to the village. The 2nd  episode takes timeline after first episode in the first Non Non Biyori and rest episodes are mixed in between the timeline of the first Non Non Biyori.

Non Non Biyori Repeat still maintain the atmosphere of Non Non Biyori which is very peaceful and relaxing. It’s the most peaceful anime I’ve ever watched. No conflict, no fighting, just some growing kids doing their daily activities and playing with nature. I would love to experience this kind of life but with our daily life relies too much on modern technology, I bet it’ll be difficult to move to traditional life style. As I’ve mentioned before, no WTF (WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook) to share my life experience to others.

While it’s not significant, the animation still improved slightly compared to the first Non Non Biyori. So many green views that might be greener than real environment. But I think it also depends on the season. The details of the view are very nice and crisp, the color is beautiful, and the focus looks lovely and leaves a good film look impression. The character design is so lovely and its one of my favorite. Still not the best animation but very close to the best.

Sound & Music
Non Non Biyori is not a story about music. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect insert song here. But you can check its sound effects and Background Musics. The sound effect is quite accurate while the background music is mostly very relaxing, inline with the story it tells. Opening theme is Kodama Kotodama (こだまことだま) performed by nano.RIPE. The ending theme is Okaeri (おかえり) performed by Koiwai Kotori, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane, and Asumi Kana. Both song are very nice and can be addicting. I remember Asumi Kana was about to cry when she played Okaeri on her Radio Program (Asumi Kana Hoshizora Hinata Bokko) after Non Non Biyori Repeat finished airing. It seems that Asumin was also deeply impressed by the song. In conclusion, the musics and theme songs are excellent!

Main Characters
Miyauchi Renge
Voiced by : Koiwai Kotori
Voice Acting Score : Outstanding
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_RengeA little girl with twintail hairstyle. Renge is in 1st grade of elementary school in the beginning of the story. She is the youngest child of Miyauchi family but somehow also seems the most reliable compared to her two elder sisters. In the first Non Non Biyori, Renge often greets the others with “Nyanpasu”, a phrase with no exact real meaning. However, in Non Non Biyori Repeat, she rarely uses that phrase. She also has a unique way of speaking. Mostly her sentences end with Non, Nan, or ~n. She seems to be expressionless mostly although in actual, she acts just like common kids in her age.

I don’t know too much about Koiwai Kotori’s other role. However, everytime Koiwai Kotori took part in anime, her voice acting always interesting and stands out among the other seiyuu in that anime. Renge is the best role Koko-chan has done and I believe many of you agree.

Ichijou Hotaru
Voiced by : Murakawa Rie
Voice Acting Score : Excellent
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_HotaruHotaru lived in Tokyo before moving Ashigaoka. Since the lifestyle are very different, Hotaru must adapt with her new life. Hotaru is in 5th grade of elementary school. Her height is 164 cm which is very tall for someone on her age. She mostly acts more polite and mature than other main characters although she is still very young. However, her personality is actually quite normal for a girl around her age. She can be childish and scared as well.

Murakawa Rie did excellent as Hotaru and I think Hotaru is the best role Rietion has done so far showing how capable she is. When voiceing Hotaru, her voice is very gentle and adorable. It makes Hotaru so lovely and charming. In reality, you can check some of Rietion videos on Youtube and see how annoying she is.

Koshigaya Natsumi
Voiced by : Sakura Ayane
Voice Acting Score : Excellent
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_NatsumiNatsumi is the youngest child of Koshigaya Family. She is kinda tomboy, carefree, and easygoing but also lazy to study. She likes to tease her older sister, Komari. Natsumi is in the 1st grade of middle school in the beginning of the story. She is the most normal character in terms of appearance and personality for a girl around her age (except her laziness).

Sakura Ayane has what it takes to make Natsumi’s voice live up to Natsumi’s personality. Her tomboy voice really fits nicely to Natsumi’s character. Being one of the best young female seiyuu, Ayaneru has never disappoint me. Hotaru is not Ayaneru’s best role but still very close to her best.

Koshigaya Komari
Voiced by : Asumi Kana
Voice Acting Score : Outstanding
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_KomariKomari is Natsumi’s elder sister. She is also the oldest main characters although her appearance is hardly convincing. She is in the second grade of middle school. Her height is just about 140 cm which makes her really short for a girl around her age. She always try to act like a mature woman because she is the oldest of the four. However, she is also very clumsy and that makes her looks childish instead.

Asumi Kana’s voice brings Komari’s cuteness out with her innocent and lovely voice. Asumi Kana is the oldest seiyuu of the main characters . Her experience proved to be worthy here. Of all Asumin’s role, I’d say Komari is head to head with Yuno in Asumin’s best role.

Supporting characters
Miyauchi Kazuho
Voiced by : Nazuka Kaori
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_KazuhoKazuho is the school teacher of Renge, Hotaru, Natsumi, and Komari. She is very fond of sleeping and seems irresponsible as a teacher. Usually, she just attend to the class to sleep and let her students study by themselves.

Kagayama Kaede
Voiced by : Satou Rina
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_KaedeKaede is the owner of a candy store. The kids usually call her Dagashiya (literally means “Candy Store”). She seems like someone who doesn’t care with others although the reality is the opposite. She really cares about Renge more than what Kazuho or Hikage show in the anime.

Koshigaya Suguru
The older brother of Natsumi and Komari. Suguru never talk at all in the anime which is the reason he has no voice actor. He is more like just a decoration in the show.

Miyauchi Hikage
Voiced by : Fukuen Misato
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_HikageThe second daughter of Miyauchi family which makes her the elder sister of Renge and the little sister of Kazuho. Hikage is a high school student in Tokyo. She is in 1st grade. She loves to show off and brags about modern live in Tokyo.

Fujimiya Konomi
Voiced by : Shintani Ryouko
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_KonomiThe neighbor of Koshigaya family. Konomi’s house is located right in the side of Koshigaya’s house. She in 3rd grade on nearby high school. She is very friendly and can be a good example to the younger girls.

Koshigaya Yukiko
Voiced by : Hiramatsu Akiko
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Non_Non_Biyori_Repeat_Chara_YukikoMother of Suguru, Komari, and Natsumi. A strict mother who scold their children, mainly Natsumi quite often due to her laziness and irresponsibility. Sometimes, Komari and Suguru also ended up as the victim.

Final Thoughts
One of the most beautiful anime I’ve ever watched. Very relaxing and stress relieving. Not as funny as the first Non Non Biyori but still very enjoyable. No other anime is as peaceful as this one for sure. The two Non Non Biyori give us an idea about dailylife in Japan’s countryside, unlike other dailylife anime(s) which mostly tell us about high school girls’ life in modern city. Non Non Biyori also tells us how beautiful the village in Japan is. I can’t really confirm this because I’ve never visited countryside in Japan. Asahigaoka in this anime is perhaps not a real location in Japan.

Story 10
Animation 10
Sounds & Musics 9
Characters 10
Voice Acting 9
Overall 10
Rated as Masterpiece

(+) Beautiful, peaceful, relaxing, and entertaining story
(+) Superior animation with film look touch
(+) Relaxing music brings more immersion to the story
(+) Fun characters with excellent voice acting from the casts

(-) Nothing to see here, move on



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