Love Live The School Idol Movie Review : The Last Glory of μ’s

I know that I am late about this. Love Live was quite a hype and now followed by Love Live Sunshine. The hype of Love Live Sunshine even beats the hype of AMD Radeon RX 480. But for now, I’ll put Love Live Sunshine and Radeon RX 480 aside as I am sharing my thoughts about Love Live The School Idol Movie.
This anime film is certainly one of the best I’ve ever seen. The story continues on where the season two left us. μ’s were requested to help promoting Love Live. They went to United States of America to perform there while promoting Love Live. Their popularity rise instantly after they came back, especially because their live concert were aired everywhere. In season two, it was told that μ’s will be disbanded after the 3rd graders graduate. But now with all of these fans from everywhere supporting them, will μ’s be disbanded or will they stay together to keep entertaining their fans? We will find out here.

The story feels so exciting. I can see that Sunrise is trying to make everything in the story feels immersive. It’s almost there. So many greatness but still with the flaws. But don’t care about the flaws because you might not even notice them. This anime film feels like a musical opera and by all means, it is not bad at all. It’s pretty awesome for anime with music theme and quite reminds of K-ON! Movie.LoveLive_Movie_SS08

9 main characters are still the same. Almost nothing change from the 2nd season, except for Honoka. But even for Honoka, the change is not that much. This story focuses more on Honoka although the others still take some part. But I am sure the fans of other characters won’t be disappointed because the story is so awesome.LoveLive_Movie_SS05

Animation has improved further compared to the TV series but I think it is still less impressive compared to Tamako Love Story. Nevertheless, it still stands on top compared to other anime. The shadows and highlight feels so immersive. Color is bright and pretty much inline with the story. And surely the fans still love the character design. Don’t forget the dance choreography too which is the most amazing of all anime I’ve ever seen. Sunrise really work hard to make this anime to be visually appealing.

The insert song in Love Live is clearly the best of all anime I’ve ever watched. It’s the platinum standard of what musical anime should be. And the implementation in this movie is really nice. If any of you have ever watched Indian Bollywood movie that contains some insert songs and dances, Love Live is like an anime implementation of that. No, it’s not bad. Love Live is anime about music, idol, and dance after all. Having some insert songs and dances will make fits the theme even more and that is a plus score.

How about the background music? Two words, Very Impressive! The task of background music is to bring more immersion in the scene where it takes part. And of course Love Live is not disappointing at all. You can feel how the BGM fits the scenes beautifully. So beautiful that only two anime(s) have better BGMs than Love Live. They are Natsuiro Kiseki and Girls und Panzer.LoveLive_Movie_SS02

Final Thoughts
A musical opera in form of anime film. An outstanding work that will be remembered when its season is over. That is what Love Live is. This anime takes the level of musical anime into a higher level. Bringing not only the best songs and dances but also one of the most impressive story filled with emotion and friendship. Compared to other anime with musical theme, Love Live is almost on par with K-ON! in terms of story but more superior when it comes to the musics. There are some flaws in the story that make Love Live slightly behind K-ON! but it’s something that I can simply forgive. Love Live is not a perfect anime but at least it is close to perfect. It’s so sad that μ’s will have to end but all things must come and end sooner or later. Love Live doesn’t really have to worry because now Aquors has taken μ’s place to keep Love Live go on. I will not forget their (μ’s) season.

Story 10
Animation 10
Sounds & Musics 10
Characters 9
Voice Acting 9
Overall 10
Rated as Masterpiece

(+) Beautiful story telling and truly satisfying ending
(+) Outstanding animation
(+) Unbeatable musical performance paired with awesome dance choreography
(+) Excellent voice acting from the casts

(-) It doesn’t make sense that 9 high school girls with no proper management team can do all of this on their own



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