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A tiny bit of information
Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku is an anime released in 2013. Air from July 5, 2013 to October 11, 2013 with total number episode of 12. The studio behind Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku is Nomad, which is a quite well-known studio in the industry.

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku is a slice of life anime. The story focuses on 5 main female characters. All of them are in a club called Kitakubu (literally means Going Home Club). Normally, Kitakubu is used for the students who don’t participate in any club on school. However, in this anime Kitakubu is a real club. Their activities isn’t actually clear though. Mostly, they are just simply having fun.

The five main characters are Andou Natsuki, Touno Karin, Doumyouji Sakura, Kokonoe Kurea, and Oohagi Botan. Each of them are voiced by a high school girl seiyuu which makes this anime more interesting.


Andou Natsuki
Voiced by : Kido Ibuki
Voice Acting Score : Good
Natsuki is pretty much a normal girl. Her personality is the most level with nothing weird, unlike the others. She rarely jokes and often complains a lot in the anime when the others are joking. One of her unique physical appearance is her “antenna” hair in her head. It was told in the story that Natsuki tried to cut her “antenna” but it appears again instantly from the other hairs. Natsuki has a little brother named Andou Roido (Lloyd) whose name is pretty much a pun from Android (Andoroido).

Kido Ibuki was born on November 14, 1997 which makes her still 15 years old when Kitakubu was aired. The youngest seiyuu of the five main characters but also the one really pursuing her career as seiyuu. Despite being the youngest seiyuu, her seiyuu career was already started before she took part in this anime, unlike the other seiyuu(s).


Touno Karin
Voiced by : Yuina Mizuki
Voice Acting Score : Good
Karin is the most gentle girl of the five. She is pictured as a lovely little girl that must be protected. Botan and Kurea tend to spoil her because they can’t resist Karin’s innocence and cuteness. Karin herself is actually not a spoiled girl.

Yuina Mizuki was born on December 19, 1995 which makes her 17 years old when Kitakubu was aired. Unfortunately, Touno Karin is the only voice acting role she had.

Doumyouji Sakura
Voiced by : Kobayashi Miharu
Voice Acting Score : Good
Sakura is the leader of Kitakubu. Very easy-going and tend to act the way she like (although not in the bad things) without thinking of others. Sometimes, she is the one being ignored by the others. Her way of thinking is the most weird, inconsistent, and unpredictable. She is the first friend Botan made in high school.

Kobayashi Miharu was born in August 24, 1995 which makes her 17 years old when Kitakubu was aired. Unfortunately, she has no leading role other than Sakura in this anime. The only other role she had is Kappu, a supporting character in Nyamen.

Kokonoe Kurea
Voiced by : Senbongi Sayaka
Voice Acting Score : Good
Kurea (or Claire, if you prefer) is a girl from a wealthy family. She wanted to spend her time as normal girl which is the reason she attends a normal school. However, due to her family background, she doesn’t really act normal enough. Natsuki often pissed when Kurea jokes because of Kurea’s family background. She is overly protective of Karin and also spoils her a lot.

Senbongi Saya was born in November 24, 1995 which makes her 17 years old when Kitakubu was aired. Senbongi Saya seems to be the only still active as seiyuu other than Kido Ibuki.

Oohagi Botan
Voiced by : Aiuchi Sae
Voice Acting Score : Good
Botan is a girl who learned about Martial Arts, namely Hagitsuki-ryuu. Despite her common appearance, her physical strength is beyond normal human. She traveled around the world to fight several strongest bears. In addition, she had some enemy known as the 4 king who learned Hagishirabe-ryuu Martial Arts. Same as Kurea, Botan is overly protective about Karin and tend to spoil her as well.


Aiuchi Sae was born on July 13, 1996 which makes her 16 years old before Kitakubu aired and 17 years old after the TV series finished airing. Same as Kobayashi Miharu, Aiuchi Sae role in anime other than Kitakubu is only in Nyamen.

Voiced by : M·A·O (Ichimichi Mao)
Azarashi is the mascot in the anime. She appears from nowhere and her presence has nothing to do with the story anyway.

M·A·O is older than the 5 main seiyuu(s). Her experience shows her voice acting is one step above the others even though her role is pretty much not important.

As you can read from my information above, all of the seiyuu(s) in this anime are still very young. It is quite unfortunate because Kido Ibuki and Senbongi Sayaka are the only two we could find in newer anime. Kido Ibuki is growing her popularity quite a lot lately. The fact that she became a part of THE IDOLM@STER MILLIONSTARS is quite a boost of her popularity. In addition, she also has her own duo unit with Yamazaki Erii (who is only one week younger than her) known as Every❤ing (pronounced as Eburing in Japanese language).

Now let’s talk about the other components that built this anime. Animation is something that will give you first impression. In this anime, the animation is good but not special at all. It doesn’t make this anime special and still lags several stops behind A Channel from 2011. The character design is nice but hardly able to make anime otaku fall in love the girls. Overall, it’s not bad but still have a lot of room for improvement.

The music is the best part of this anime. The BGMs are nice and relaxing, just like the story should be. Despite being a 12 episode anime only, this anime has 5 theme songs consist of 1 opening song and 4 ending songs. The list is as below :

Opening Theme
“2 Gakki Debut Daisakusen!! (2学期デビュー大作戦!!)” by Otome Shinto

Ending Theme
1: “Wakuwaku DAYS☆ (ワクワクDAYS☆)” by Kido Ibuki & Kobayashi Miharu (eps 1-3)
2: “Hanabi (花火)” by Aiuchi Sae & M·A·O (eps 4-7)
3: “Kimi ni Tsuite Ieru Koto (キミについて言えること)” by Yuina Mizuki & Senbongi Sayaka (eps 8-10)
4: “Best Friend (ベスト·フレンド)” by Kobayashi Miharu, Aiuchi Sae, and Senbongi Sayaka(ep 11)
5: “Wakuwaku DAYS☆ (ワクワクDAYS☆)” by Kido Ibuki, Yuina Mizuki, Kobayashi Miharu, Aiuchi Sae, and Senbongi Sayaka

Overall, I should consider the musics as very good not only because of the number of theme songs but also the quality of the song itself which is quite nice.

Wrap everything
Is Kitakubu should be in your watch list? If you had no interest with Slice of Life anime, then the answer is perhaps no. There quite a lot of anime that provides better story, superior animation, and more attractive characters. But if you wish to see an lightweight anime with relaxing story and no conflict, there is nothing wrong in trying to watch this anime.

Story 7
Animation 7
Sounds & Musics 8
Characters 7
Voice Acting 7
Overall 7
Rated as Good

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