AMD Summit Ridge made appearance in Computex

Still no exact launch date though.


Summit Ridge is most anticipated this year, at least for AMD fans. Summit Ridge will utilize Zen CPU Core first mentioned before Rory Read stepped out from AMD. Mr Read mentioned that Zen will be the game changer for AMD. Months later, AMD mentioned that Zen will bring 40% IPC improvement over their previous generation CPU Core. I thought that means Piledriver and not Excavator. But who knows the exact thing if not from AMD itself?


Not much known about Summit Ridge even until now. 40% more IPC from what? Piledriver or Excavator? 8 Cores and 16 Threads CPU is nice. But only if AMD priced them aggressively like something below $400. And of course it should perform at least comparable to Broadwell-E with similar core count if AMD want Zen and Summit Ridge to be success.

A new AM4 Desktop Platform sounds nice. AM3 was introduced in 2008 and AM3+ followed later in 2011. That means the latest high-end platform from AMD was already 5 years old. Oh man… That is so outdated for a computer. What AMD needs to focus with the new platform is building a new system that will be future proof. No need to think about backward compatibility. After all, why would you need to pair a 2016 motherboard with a 2011 CPU?


Zen Core will be available anywhere possible. Depends on how Zen Core will perform, it might help AMD to capture more market in server segment. Something that AMD has no power to compete with Intel right now. On notebook, this will help AMD to penetrate higher end notebooks and hopefully Gaming Notebooks. This part will be much more interesting when Zen-based APU make its appearance. A reliable CPU and reasonable GPU is what most people would need in their notebook. Able to play Call of Duty, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto V, or Fallout 4 without spending a notebook with discreet GPU is nice. Not only the price will be lower but also the battery life will be better and the temperature will be much cooler. Let’s keep it as a dream for now. Hopefully, it would be true next year. As for embedded solution, I think this refers to custom SoC developed by AMD for specific 3rd party use. Consoles are the best example but we haven’t seen any consoles using Zen-based SoC for now.


Personally, I get my hopes up with Zen, specifically Summit Ridge more than my hope with Polaris. The reason is simple. On GPU side, although AMD hasn’t been competing in efficiency with Nvidia, their product is at least able to offer competing performance at the same if not lower price segment. But on CPU side, AMD has nothing to offer for mid-range to high-end market. Their FX series CPUs are based on 4 to 5-year-old technology which won’t be able to compete with Intel Haswell CPU, let alone Haswell-E, Broadwell-E, or even Skylake. AMD simply has nothing to offer. But now, with Summit Ridge, let us hope AMD will bring the competition back to the table.

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