Watch Kayano Ai’s “Kayanomi” #2 on Youtube

The second episode of Kayanomi is out and the title is かやのみ #2「 日本酒を飲もう」 which more or less means Kayanomi #2 「Let’s drink sake」. In this episode, Kayano Ai drinks many different sake(s) and expresses her personal thoughts about them. Sometimes, it’s funny to see her reaction after drinking one. It seems that she likes all of them in general but there are two that gives her a really nice reaction.

I was complaining about how the staffs in the store didn’t speak quite clearly because they only put the microphone on Kayanon’s clothes. In this episode, the staff and the manager for this video speaks quite a lot too. The nice thing is, they put some texts on the screen about what the staffs and manager are speaking about. It’s a nice addition. However, I gotta say the harsh and overexposed lighting is very distracting. We lost many details in the clip and the lighting doesn’t look nice on her face.

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