Watch Kayano Ai’s “Kayanomi” #1 on Youtube

Kayano Ai, a well-known female seiyuu in anime industry is sharing her love to Japanese drink, that is sake in a video program hosted by herself. The video is presented by Animate Times and luckily for us, we can watch it directly on Youtube.

The title of the video program is
「かやのみ 〜茅野愛衣が日本酒をのみながら、食べるだけ〜」
“Kayanomi 〜 Kayano Ai ga Nihonshu o Nominagara, Taberu Dake 〜”
which more or less means
“Kayanomi 〜 Kayano Ai is Eating While Drinking Japanese Liquor (sake) 〜 ”


The first episode is titled 「 日本酒を買いに行こう!」 which more or less means “Let’s Go to Buy Sake!”. In this episode, she will guide us to known about various sake(s). To be honest, I am not familiar with this kind of drinks since I never drink alcoholic drinks. So, I am just sharing the fun.

The video on Youtube is directly below.

Anyway, you’re going to hate me when for saying this. But I assure you, what am I trying to say here is actually makes sense. This show is kinda boring. Instead of just a video program for Kayanon fans, this program could be a documentary program as well. It supposed to give us more knowledge about Nihonshu or sake but seems to be not properly directed.

I’ll give you just 2 reasons why this is show not properly directed. First, when the store’s staff explain about the drinks, the cameraman keep focused on shooting Kayanon. Second, they only put microphone on Kayanon’s clothes (near her neck). That way, when the store staffs explain about the drinks, we can’t hear it quite clearly. Too bad…


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