First Impression of High School Fleet (Haifuri)

TrySail in Set Sail on the Sea!

For the first time, I finally learn how TrySail perform in anime. Not just one but all of them. Natsukawa Shiina, Amamiya Sora, and Asakura Momo in one anime! They also sing the theme song. Natsukawa Shiina (Nansu) takes the role of the main chara, Misaki Akeno. Amamiya Sora (Ten-chan) takes the role of China Moeka, the childhood friend of Misaki Akeno, and Asakura Momo (Mocho) takes the role of Irako Mikan which I don’t know who. At least not yet. Poor Mocho.

Most of the seiyuu(s) are quite new for me. I already know many of them outside of anime but this is my first time listening to their voice acting. Overall sounds quite good. The characters are all girls. Just like Girld und Panzer. So… This feels like Girls und Panzer not quite Girls und Panzer. Perhaps Girls and Warships.


In the beginning of the story, two young girls were introduced, Misaki Akeno and China Moeka. The two aim to become Blue Mermaid, the girls who protect the sea. 9 years later, the two girls meet again in the same high school about warships. The two girls were chosen to become a captain of two different ships which means they are separated once again. Misaki Akeno becomes the captain of Harukaze, a destroyer and China Moeka becomes the captain of Musashi, a battleship. Not sure where the story going to develop but I expect it would like World or Warships and it would very cruel unlike Girls und Panzer. In the end, everyone will die except Misaki Akeno who will become the sole survival. Then she tell the world about everything happened, living the rest of her life with the memories of her friend and finally died in peace many years later. Not really, I just make up for that part.

The animation is fantastic! Noticeably better than KanColle TV Series, quite better than Girls und Panzer TV Series, and seems to on par with Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow. A great combination of beautiful 2D animation and 3DCG. Characters are designed to be cute (and Moe). If the story were really going to direction which I made up earlier, it would be too sad and cruel.

Music and Sound Effects on both Girls und Panzer and Strike Witches are excellent. Haifuri seems to be going in their direction as well which is awesome! However, the theme songs aren’t. TrySail perform the theme song as I mentioned earlier. The song is High Free Spirit which serves as the ending theme in the first episode and become the opening theme in the next episode. This song give an idea the story would be a serious one unlike Girls und Panzer theme song Dream Riser.

Of all 2016 I have watched, my expectation with Haifuri is the highest, even higher than Kuma Miko. I’ll look forward to see how the story will develop. It can be cruel, it can be fun. Just need to keep watching.

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