First Impression of Kuma Miko

A Miko (Shrine Maiden) and a bear. When I saw this anime, I was expecting a peaceful anime, just like Non Non Biyori. Especially this anime also takes place in remote village (like Non Non Biyori as well). It’s a little bit missing from expectation, but still very good. The story is still peaceful, just turn out unexpected because I didn’t expect the bear could talk in Nihongo (or human language). After all, I didn’t watch any commercial about this anime. I also didn’t expect the Ecchi part.

But what impressed me a lot is the artwork. The background is superior. Looks like a nice painting which left an artistic impression. The character design is a mix. Amayadori Machi, the main heroine looks cute. She is a 14-year-old girl which means she is in loliko age. That appearance of her looks really nice. I really like it. However, the other character looks just decent. This makes the character design feels kinda unbalanced.

The theme songs leaves a unique impression. Especially the ending song. The opening song is also not bad at all. Both the opening and ending theme songs match the theme of the anime nicely.

From the characters side, they haven’t left much impression. But… I found something nice about the seiyuu. At least, I can listen to Kitamura Eri’s voice again in new anime! Her character hasn’t made any appearances in the first episode but you can see her on the PV. The main heorine, Amayadori Machi is voiced by Hioka Natsumi. I checked the data about her voice acting role. While she has done voice acting since 2012 (only a few roles though), Kumamiko is her debut as main character. And she is doing great here!

So far, this anime has the best start compared to other anime in 2016. At least until now. This will be on my list to be finished for sure.


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