[Review] Amagi Brilliant Park

Brilliant Story. Brilliant Anime.

A story about theme park. The idea of Amagi Brilliant Park is quite original which makes this anime really interesting. This anime has 14 episode in total. 13 episodes were aired from October 7, 2014 to December 26, 2014. While episode 14 was included on the 7th Bluray disc. The studio behind this anime is Kyoto Animation which is already very popular for creating many famous anime titles. Just like other anime(s) from Kyoto Animation, the animation is very colorful and beautiful. This fits the mood of the story easily.

The story is about a high school boy, named Kanie Seiya doing a part-time job as a manager in a theme park. The name of the park is just like the title of the anime, Amagi Brilliant Park. Kanie is a smart ass guy despite his young age which is the reason why he was “chosen” as the manager of the park. Although he was reluctant at first, he then decided to help managing the theme park.

The one who asked Kanie to manage the park is a girl named Sentou Isuzu. Sentou acts really cold girl due to her lack of socialability. She was the acting manager before Sentou takes her position. Under her leadership, it seems the theme park is getting worse and the number of visitors keep decreasing from time to time. This is pretty much because Sentou has no knowledge to manage the theme park. Kanie also met Latifa, the princess of Maple land living in the castle of the theme park. Unlike Sentou, Latifa is very gentle and kind.

So, what Kanie must do? He must achieve 500,000 visitors by the end of July 31. With current condition of the park, it might seem impossible. But this is the challenge that Kanie (and the casts of Amagi Brilliant Park) must overcome. And in this anime, we will their brilliant idea to attract more visitors day by day.

Kyoto Animation has one of the best animation quality in Anime industry. This anime is a proof of that. The animation is excellent. The color grading is really nice. It’s colorful, and cheerful.  Fits the story about amusement park nicely. The way they put depth of field in the animation makes more film like. I can see they also care about the lighting and shading. While the shading is not perfect, it is still much better than other anime. The character design is also excellent. I really like it and have no complain at all.

The music is also beautiful, just like other anime(s) from Kyoto Animation. The theme song is also nice. The opening theme is Extra Magic Hour by Akino with Bless4. The music is nice to hear. Combined with the opening animation, it gives an excellent feeling of what an opening animation should be. The ending theme is Elementario de Aimashou by BRILLIANT4 (Aisaka Yuuka, Tsuda Minami, Mikami Shiori, and Kurosawa Tomoyo). While the song is really nice, I got a complain here. Why does the characters in the ending animation have to be naked? It ruins the mood.

There are many characters in this anime. So, I only focus on characters who have more important role here.

Main Characters

Kanie Seiya
Voiced by : Uchiyama Kouki
Voice Acting Score : Excellent
Kanie is a genius high school boy. He also has a good looks and seems to be quite a narcist because of it. When he was younger, he used to be known as a popular child actor. Now that he has retired, he returned to his normal life, until a horrible menace comes to threaten Amagi Brilliant Park. Kanie’s talent was needed once more.

Sento Isuzu
Voiced by : Kakuma Ai
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Sento is the guardian of Latifa. He acts as the manager of Amagi Brilliant Park for year. Under his management, the theme park seems to be getting less and less visitors due to her lack of knowledge about how to manage the park. Sento tends to act cold to the others except Latifa because of her lack of socialability.

Latifa Fleuranza
Voiced by : Fujii Yukiyo
Voice Acting Score : Excellent
Latifa is the princess of Mapple Land. She is very gentle and kind. She lives in the castle of Amagi Brilliant Park. She is able to make a very delicious Korokke (Croquette?). She is the main reason Kanie decided to help managing Amagi Brilliant Park.

Supporting Characters


Voiced by : Kawasumi Ayako
Voice acting score : Very Good
Moffle is the head mascot of Amagi Brilliant Park. He is the fairy of candies. He is a bit rude and bad-tempered. He is also very good in fighting. His apperance resembles Bonta-kun from Full Metal Panic and he gets angry easily when someone mentioned him as a rip-off characters from other anime.


Voiced by : Nonaka Ai
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Tiramie is a mascot in Amagi Brilliant Park and serves as the fairy of flower. While his appearance is kinda cute, he is actually a pervert.


Voiced by : Shiraishi Ryouko
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Macaron is a mascot of Amagi Brilliant Park and serves as the fairy of music. He plays violin. In the middle of the story, he changes his music style to metal.

Voiced by : Fukuyama Jun
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Tricen is in charge in commercials and advertising. He designs the map and make the video to introduce Amagi Brilliant Park. However, due to his lack of taste, Kanie helps him quite often.

Elementario Fairies


Voiced by : Aisaka Yuuka
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Muse is the fairy of water and also the leader of the fairies of Elementario. She is the most kind and also the most normal individual compared to the other fairies of Elementario. She does the talk more often than the other fairies of Elementario. She is also an excellent singer.

Voiced by : Tsuda Minami
Voice Acting Score : Good
Salama is fairy of fire. Although her element is fire, she is not like fire at all. She is cold. She is quiet and always seems to be busy with her phone. She is sucks in singing but able to type real fast accurate. This might be due to her blogging hobby.

Voiced by : Mikami Shiori
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Kobori is the fairy of land. She also a quiet type but unlike Salama, she cares with her surroundings. She is bad in dancing.

Voiced by : Kurosawa Tomoyo
Voice Acting Score : Very Good
Sylphy is the fairy of wind. She very hyperactive and seem quite often doing a lot of weird and abnormal things. Sylphy is a great dancer.

Voice Actors/Actresses

As you can read, the voice acting is mostly very good. I admit that I know Kakumai Ai, Fujii Yukiyo, Kurosawa Tomoyo, and Aisaka Yuuka for the first time in this anime. But they are all very good and Fujii Yukiyo is even better. Her voice for Latifa is truly on a different grade. The other seiyuu is mostly very well-known. Kawasumi Ayako and Fukuyama Jun are senior in the industry. Shirashi Ryouko have years of experience. Uchiyama Kouki, Mikami Shiori, and Tsuda Minami hasn’t been that long in the industry but they are already quite popular.

Final Thoughts
Compared to other anime from Kyoto Animation I have watched since 2008, this anime is less exciting in story but still very good. The story itself is fun and entertaining. Also, I can see that other elements are noticeably improved compared to the previous TV Anime from Kyoto Animation. From the ending, I can see that the story is not yet finished. And just previous anime from Kyoto Animation, we can expect to see the sequel in movie or maybe another TV Anime.


Story 8
Animation 9
Sounds & Musics 8
Characters 8
Voice Acting 8
Overall 8
Rated as Very Good



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