I Feel Sorry for Emitsun (Part 2)

Not very long after the scandal were published, someone on Facebook did a research and he believed the AV actress was 羽田未来 (which he refers as Haneda Miku) and not Emitsun. His research has a fatal flaw. The name of 羽田未来 is pronounced as Haneda Mirai instead of Haneda Miku. Then this lead other people to do more research as well and found Haneda Mirai does not really look like Emitsun. They even pointed several strategic location on her body which does not resemble Emitsun.

So… Was Emitsun really an AV actress back then? I am not going to answer that as I have no proof. I am not living in Japan and I don’t have time to do this kind of detective game. However, there are several things that I am going to tell you.

  1. μ’s loss is truly a great loss to us. So, losing Emitsun will only make things even worse.
  2. Either Emitsun was an AV Actress or not, at least she is not an AV Actress now. That’s already a good thing
  3. Instead, Emitsun built her career as voice actress, singer, and radio personality. Why don’t we just support her instead?
  4. We have to respect Emitsun’s feeling. She showed that she cared to her fans. So, let us show that we care for her too.
  5. Last, μ’s consist of 9 goddesses (or girls to be more realistic) and there must be 9 of them. So, without Emitsun, μ’s won’t be 9 and there won’t be μ’s. No μ’s, no Love Live. And no Love Live, perhaps you will not expand your knowledge to know more about idols in Japan. After all, no anime with idol theme that went as popular (or booming) outside of Japan as Love Live before, not even THE IDOLM@STER which has already developed the concept before Love Live.

The bottom line is, whether Emitsun used to be an AV actress or not, I will support her. The point is, she is not an actress now. If she were really an AV actress, it were good to see her stopped and moved to become a voice actress, idol, and singer. It’s much better than seeing your favorite singer, voice actress, or idol quit their career to become an AV actress.


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