Wada Kouji passed away, a shocking news

A Japanese singer, Wada Kouji, mostly known for his songs on Digimon anime passed away on Sunday, April 3, 2016 due to cancer. He was born in January 29, 1974 which makes him 42 years old at the time of his death. While I knew that he has suffered cancer since years ago, his death is still a sad and shocking news. Especially when you just heard his last song, Seven ~tri version~ a few weeks ago, which is still fresh on our mind (if you watched Digimon Adventure tri. Movie 2, that is). And that song has just released on March 30, 2016 which is just 5 days prior to his death.

A fan tribute to Wada Kouji’s memory on Youtube :

The funeral was held in private but there will a public event later to serve his memory called “Wada Kouji Owakare no Kai” (Kouji Wada Farewell Event). The event will be held in Tokyo later this April.

The first time I know Wada Kouji got a cancer was in 2003. However, due to lack of information and communication technology at that time, I didn’t know the exact news. Later, when Digimon Savers or Digimon Data Squad was aired in 2006 and Wada Kouji performed a theme song for the TV anime, I was surprised. Later again in 2011, Digimon Xros Wars was aired and Wada Kouji was also there to perform the theme songs. So, I expected that his health is nothing to worry about.

In Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary event in 2014, Wada Kouji still performed his song on stage.

In Digimon Adventure Fes. on August 2015, Wada Kouji leave a message for Digimon fans to tell that his physical condition didn’t allow him to perform on stage. The message was read by Miyazaki Ayumi.

However, since the theme song of Digimon Adventure tri. film was still perfomed by Wada Kouji, I thought his condition is getting better. However, I got this sad news instead. So sad indeed because he can’t see the film until the end.

Rest in Peace Wada Kouji. No matter how awful the new Digimon Adventure tri. film was (and would be), the theme songs are still nice and be the nicest part of the film. May your song will be remembered eternally by Digimon fans.


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