First Impression of Bakuon!!

Girls and Motorcycles.

Bakuon!! was just started to aired a few days ago. The cast line up seems good enough for me with Double Mountain (Uchiyama Yumi & Touyama Nao), Ueda Reina, and Yamaguchi Rikako as the main casts. The idea of the story is also quite new. High School girls and Motorbike are not something you would see in common daily life. I don’t remember any other anime use this theme too. So, yeah the concept is a nice new addition.

To makes things more interesting, they also include some real motorbike in this anime. You’ll see Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, and Suzuki motorbike here. The brand of the helm is also real! It’s a media placement and it works just right in this anime! If anything, they make things in this anime feel more immersive.

A little peek about the story. It’s about a high school girl in motorbike club in their school. First, we meet Amano Onsa, voiced by Uchiyama Yumi. She is riding a Yamaha Trail bike motorcycle which I don’t know the model. Then we meet Sakura Hane, voiced by Ueda Reina. She is riding a city bike and impressed with Onsa-chan when she saw her on the way to school. The two decided to join the school motorbike club and the only member there is Raimu-senpai, a mysterious girl that always wearing helmet and never talk. Later, we meet Suzunoki Rin, a Suzuki fangirl voiced by Touyama Nao.

Anyway, I actually find this anime a bit boring. Probably because I am still on the first episode but there is a good chance that the story will be developed into a more interesting one. There should be 5 main characters here but only 4 have really show up so far. So, we might still able to get more surprise from this anime.

Now, the not so good things in this anime. The animation is not bad but still kilometers away from being impressive. It actually feels a bit lacking for a 2016 anime. Same thing with the music. I don’t feel anything that could be pumping the atmosphere of each scene.

I know Uchiyama Yumi from A Channel in 2011. She is the most not impressive seiyuu in A Channel back then. And new, she hasn’t change. I have never seen any of her role giving impression better than just being good including in this anime. Ueda Reina is different. She is very good here. An innocent and cheerful voice which pretty much inline with Hane’s personality. I actually mistook her as Touyama Nao until Rin-chan made her appearance. Rin-chan is the one that is voiced by Naobou and my impression of her is the same as my impression to Yumirin. Just good but not impressive. We have yet to see Yamaguchi Rikako’s character on action. So far, Ueda Reina deserves the crown of the best seiyuu here.

What really drives this anime is the idea of the anime itself. Girls and Motorcycle is fairly new concept. Just like Girls und Panzer back then. Even with the only good enough animation and music, the anime can be still quite enjoyable. It’s a creative way to drive motorcycle fan to know anime or more likely to drive anime fan to know motorcycle more. Probably won’t happen but who knows?



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