I Feel Sorry for Emitsun. Really!


I have been reading so many posts about Nitta Emi (also known Emitsun) being an AV (Adult Video) Actress. The fandom, some of, have been reacting negatively. Overreacting to be precise. This is just sad… With μ’s no longer with us since the beginning of April. We also got another bad news related to μ’s (former) member.

So, what is the news actually about? First, someone shared this article from Kitakubu. It’s basically mentioning that her agency denies that their artist was in AV or porn industy. I never knew about this thing. Not before today. This is just sad… Although her agency has denied it. The fandom won’t stop talking about this for awhile.

Duh… Live is not so smooth, eh? Poor Emitsun… I just hope she’ll be okay. Not ended up with tragedy. After all, Emitsun career with quite smooth and steady before this. Now that this has happened, I am sure she’ll face a storm in her career and her life. I am not sure how bad this will affect her image. But I do feel bad about her…

Why do I care about this? Is it because I love AV actress or watchng AV so much? Hell no!! Ain’t my style. This is because of Emitsun herself, personally. Emitsun was one of a few female seiyuu with so many followers on twitter (over 430K). That many followers might ended up tweeting negative things about her. That way, it can make her feel down and losing confidence. Even worse, decided to end her career or the worst, ended up her life (I must be thinking too far). I just hope that she is mentally fine. It’ll take time for her to get back on her feet. And for that, she’ll need a lot of support from her fans.

Emitsun was the first seiyuu my eyes can see directly. That was on Love Live related event  somewhere in mid 2013. From her, I changed my perspective about idol world in Japan. I learn that being idol is not easy. Singing and dancing is not an easy task. It takes a lot of practice, so much energy, and a very high dedication. I never realized about that until I heard it directly from Emitsun. Emitsun opened my eyes to idol world. Because of that, I hope that Emitsun will be fine and able to progress more on her life and career.


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