[Review] Girlfriend Kakko Kari


Girlfriend in title only.

ガールフレンド(仮)/Girlfriend (Beta) pronounced in Japanese as Girlfriend Kakko Kari is an anime about high school girls. The anime itself has no male characters. So, it’s just about girls life in a high school. The rating of this anime is on the low side in My Anime List and Anime News Network. However, I disagree because the story is pretty good according to me. You can disagree with me though. It’s subjective after all. But I just find the story to be really relaxing.

So, what makes the story pretty good? First, something that you don’t like but I like. No conflict. It’s peaceful and filled with friendship. So many characters but all of them are good and kind to each other. If everyone in our planet care about each other just like the characters in this anime, imagine how peaceful our life would be. I really enjoy this kind of story they pull here.

I mentioned the quality of the animation was disappointing in my first impression review. Yes it was disappointing at first. But somehow the quality of the animation changes noticeably in second episode until the last episode. Overall, the animation is pretty good but still not so special. The character design is beautiful. Makes the school in this anime truly filled with so many beautiful and cute girls. Too bad the quality of the animation can’t follow the beauty of the character design.

The music is good but nothing special I guess. The opening theme is 「楽しきトキメキ」 (Tanoshiki Tokimeki) by Neuron★Creamsoft which consist of Hayami Saori, Gotou Saori, Igarashi Hiromi, Ogura Yui, and Suzaki Aya. It’s a cute song. At first, I didn’t realize it was Hayami Saori’s voice because her voice sounds too cute here. The ending theme is 「はれるかなぁ」 (Hareru Kanaa) by Satou Satomi. This song paired with Satou Satomi’s voice sounds really sweet.


Characters are what make this anime strong. I lost count of how many characters are in There are so many beautiful and cute girls with different personality and specialty. All of them are very interesting. The seiyuu(s) are doing ther best which boost the impression of each character. I’d say this anime has the best overall voice acting performance compared to any other anime I’ve ever watched.


My most favorite character is Sakurai Akane voiced by Satou Rina. She is the school announcer and presenter. She seems energetic and reliable. Satou Rina’s voice is also very beautiful. I’d say she owns the most beautiful voice under the heaven. My second favorite is Shiina Kokomi voiced by Satou Satomi. Kokomi is a gentle girl that care of her friends a lot. Satou Satomi’s voice is just so sweet. There goes two seiyuu with Satou name and their sweet as sugar characters.

Having a lot character could be good and could be too. In this case, the good thing is the anime has more to tell in the story. But the bad thing, no character seems to in primary focus in the story. With total episode of just 12 and too many characters at once, the screen time of each character is very limited. That means you won’t have much time to enjoy your favorite character.

Girlfriend Kakko Kari is anime with the most characters I’ve watched. The story is peaceful and relaxing. Perhaps also very enjoyable if you loved this kind of story. Every characters are interesting in their own way due to their own unique personality and specialty. Every seiyuu(s) also did excellent here. However, with the limited episode of only 12, the screen time of each characters are limited as well which turns out to be the downside of this anime. The animation is very good and the music is fine. Many people find this anime to weak or lacking but I disagree because this anime something different to offer. Overall, this TV Anime more than just good and is closer to excellent.


Story 8
Animation 7
Sounds & Musics 7
Characters 10
Voice Acting 10
Overall 8
Rated as Very Good

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