[Review] Etotama

Action-comedy-fantasy in one package.

Etotama is an anime about girls representing Chinese Zodiac based on the manga with same title. The story is originally written by Hoshi Takashi and Zekuu Tohru. The TV Anime was aired from April 9, 2015 to June 25, 2015 with total episode of 12 while the manga runs from January 2014 to January 2016.


The story in this anime focuses on Nyaa-tan, a cat-girl known as Eto-musume struggles to become a part of Chinese Zodiac, known as Eto-shin. She suffers partial memory loss which makes her forget her character and her purpose to become Eto-shin. Nyaa-tan meets Takeru, a high school boy when Takeru rented a house for his living place. In the house Takeru rented, there is a hole that connect the human world to the realm of gods. Through that hole, the Eto-shin(s) come to human world.


The animation of Etotama is beautiful. The character design is cute and beautiful. When the charas transform to their “Pretty mode” (Super Deformed), they become super cute. The animation is drawn using 3D Anime shader when the charas are in their pretty mode. It’s not bad at all. The colors are also very beautiful. As far as my eyes can tell, the animation is overall excellent.

The musics are great. It managed to capture my ears more than the music in many other anime(s). The opening theme is Retry Rendezvous by Murakawa Rie while the ending theme is Blue Moment by Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya, Hanamori Yumiri. The opening theme is very good while the ending theme is truly a beautiful song. Even I feel the ending theme is too good for this kind of anime.

There quite many characters in this anime but the main focus is on Nyaa-tan and Takeru. Nyaa-tan is so annoying and Rietion is annoying too. The make a great pair as character and seiyuu. Takeru is gentle and Shimono Hiro is doing very good as Takeru. Of course, we also got other popular seiyuu(s) like Nabatame Hitomi, Oohara Sayaka, Fuchigami Mai, Uchida Maaya, and many more. Here is the photo of the seiyuu in Etotama.


Final Thoughts
Etotama is a very entertaining anime. The story is not class leading but it offers good action and funny comedy in a cute way. Although the animation is cute, this anime has quite a lot of violent scene which makes it somehow not quite suitable for young(er) audience. But for older audience, this should be no problem. Following the entertaining story, this anime is backed by great animation and great music making it seems and sounds even more interesting. Oh… Not to mention about the seiyuu(s). They perform really well and impressive. Rietion and Yumirin did even better. For those looking for comedy and action packed in one anime, you should consider Etotama to be on your watch list.

Story 8
Animation 9
Sounds & Musics 9
Characters 9
Voice Acting 8
Overall 8
Rated as Very Good

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