First Impression of Hibike! Euphonium


The animation is strong in this one.

That’s the first that come to my mind when first watching Hibike! Euphonium. Finally, I see a TV anime that surpass A Channel in terms of animation. But probably just the animation. Created by Kyoto-Animation which has been known for its class leading anime, Hibike! Euphonium clearly shows the ability of this studio.


The animation is just the best I have seen on anime so far. Focusing, Depth of field, Motion Blur, Color Grading, etc etc etc… Many complicated stuffs that you mostly understand if you were a cinematographer (and I am not one). Well… Many of those stuffs are in this anime. Nice surprises for my eyes. They’re just too visible to go unnoticed. Focus transition between each object on a scene is great. Just like when I watched videos created using Canon EOS 70D and its amazing Dual Pixel Auto Focus system. You can always notice the shallow depth of field on many scenes. Two screenshot below is something that I talk about. Lighting and color grading on each scenes feel really nice. I am fall in love with the animation. Truly the best I have seen so far.

Music is highly impressive. For an anime with music theme, they managed to set the bar really high. The sound of each instruments already captured the attention of my ears. Seems very promising for a musical-themed anime.

Voice acting is something that wouldn’t go unnoticed. Kurosawa Tomoyo as Oumae Kumiko is pretty damn impressive. Asai Ayaka as Katou Hazuki and Toyota Moe as Kawashima Sapphire are quite good too. I still don’t have enough moment to feel the impression of Anzai Chika as Kousaka Reina. But Kotobuki Minako as Tanaka Asuka is something that I truly appreciated. Hayami Saori also makes an appearance as Ogasawara Haruka but the impression from character is still not much. Maybe watching this further can tell more.

Perhaps this was the best anime in 2015? Perhaps it wasn’t popular enough compared to other anime(s) from Kyo-Ani? But… Hibike! Euphorium seems to have the materials and recipe to be an awesome anime.


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