AMD Officially Unveils The World’s Fastest Graphics Card


At least for now and if CrossFireX worked correctly.

Dubbed as Radeon Pro Duo, the new graphics card is power by dual Fiji GPU on single PCB. With no doubt, Radeon Pro Duo will be the successor of the mighty Vesuvius (that is AMD Radeon R9 295X2) released in 2014. Radeon Pro Duo will be using liquid cooling just like Radeon Fury X or Radeon R9 295X2.

The specs is awesome too (at least on paper). Dual Fiji GPUs with total stream processors count of 8192 units. The total VRAM capacity is 8192 MB which coincidentally matches the count of the stream processors. Unfortunately, with DX11 and older, you can only utilized half of its VRAM capacity. This GPU utilized first generation HBM memory of course. You get a total memory bandwidth of 1,024 GB/s in Graphics Card which is higher than any other Graphics Card. For comparison, Geforce GTX Titan Z has 672 GB/s and Radeon R9 295X2 has 640 GB/s. Early benchmark from shows that Radeon Pro Duo has no problem beating the two.


The raw computer power is 16 TFLOPS which is 8.7x more powerful than PS4 GPU (1.84 TFLOPS) and 12.2x more powerful than Xbox One GPU (1.31 TFLOPS). AMD hasn’t revealed the exact clock speed but we can assume it’ll be at least similar to Radeon Fury Nano. For the display connectivity, you get 4 Display Ports. Good enough if you want to do some eyefinity gaming but Virtual Reality is the main target of this Graphics Card. You do need a lot of processing power to handle VR device after all. Resolution and refresh rate on VR device are two main reasons to get this insane processing power.

Radeon Pro Duo will be available on Q2 2016 with the price of US$ 1,499. You can get three Radeon Fury Nano with same price if you lived in US. And 2x Radeon R9 Fury Nano can offer similar performance with two third of the price. Yeah you need two PCIe slots but you don’t need to worry about room for the liquid cooling radiator on Radeon Pro Duo. The size of Fury Nano is also much smaller. So, why would you want this card then?




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