First Impression of Girlfriend (Kari)

Girlfriend (Kari) was originally a mobile phone game. Back then in 2013, when I was still in Japan, I saw the advertising of Girlfriend (Kari) mobile phone game quite often. This game contains a lot of popular female seiyuu and with that reason, I was tempted to install the game on my smartphone. However, there are some complicated setups which I didn’t know how to take care of. In the end, I was not able to play the game. I was not sure I will have time to play mobile phone game with my free time being used for watching anime and playing games on PC.

Okay…. enough with the stupid introduction. Girlfriend (Kari) TV anime is an adaptation from that mobile phone game with the same name. The studio behind this anime is Silver Link which never disappoints me with their animation quality…. until I see this one…

My first impression is solely based on the first episode I’ve just watched. I didn’t bother to watch this anime before because I thought it’ll be a harem anime. I simply don’t like harem anime because it makes me jealous with the male protagonist. The good thing is Girlfriend (Beta) is just Girlfriend in title only. The characters introduced in the first episode are all girls. There are so many girls, just like in the game. And all of them have great voice actresses. So many awesome voice actresses in this anime!

Anyway, check this trailer first

Based on the trailer, you might have high expectation on this anime. But that’s not the case. This anime has a rather low rating on MyAnimeList. And I can see the reason.

First, start with the animation quality. It’s truly lacking for a 2014 anime. It looks like a decent anime from 2007 or around that. The worst I’ve seen Silver Link. This music feels decent. Not great but not disappointing. I might see this improved in the next episode but not sure until I watch further.

The story in the first episode appears to be an introductory chapter. The main character is Shiina Kokomi voiced by Satou Satomi. In the first episode, she walks around the school and meets the other girls. So, it’s like a tour to see the environment of the school and the characters.

Based on this episode, I can get impression from so many characters and their voice actresses. Satou Satomi herself is not disappointing at all as main female character. If anything, I’d say she is very good. The other seiyuu that give me a quick notice are Tange Sakura and Touyama Nao. Although Tange Sakura has voice several leading roles in several anime, she has no ground breaking character role other than Kinomoto Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura. Okay… So, Tange Sakura basically has a good gentle voice as you can hear on her radio program 『丹下 桜のRADIO A La Mode』 on Sunday every 21:30 (or 09:30 PM) GMT+9. In this anime, she voiced a character name Chloe Lemaire who is a French exchange student. She sounds really unnatural just like someone who tried to dramatize her speaking.

I still don’t listen enough from the other voice actresses, so I need to watch further to feel their voice and the personality of their characters. For the start, despite the lack of high quality animation, I still have hope with this anime, especially with awesome voice actresses line-up. I’ll continue to watch this show to the end.



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