Uchida Aya Concept Albums are doing good in Oricon Rank

Uchida Aya, mostly known as the seiyuu of Minami Kotori in Love Live! recently released two concept albums, titled Sweet Tears and Bitter Kiss. Two music videos, afraid… from Bitter Kiss and Floating Heart from Sweet Tears were also released with the concept albums. These two concept album is the third and fourth album from Ucchii. Ucchii’s albums are original works which means the albums are not intended to be a theme song of anime(s) or other shows.

Here is the short MV of afraid… from Youtube.

And the short MV of Floating Heart from Youtube also.

Sweet Tears was able to reach 7th rank of Oricon CD Album Daily Rank and Bitter Kiss trailing at 8th rank on their first day, securing top 10 position in Oricon Rank.


While these two concept album didn’t manage to reach top position in Oricon daily rank, you should also realized that achieving that rank is nearly impossible for most seiyuu, unless they are Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, and Horie Yui.

Ucchii is different than the other seiyuu because her musical career is (somehow) separated from her anime career. I do really like Ucchii’s voice a lot. It sounds cute but also unique. I hope her musical career can progress nicely and become better every year. 🙂

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