Tamura Yukari Cancels Concert, Ends Radio Program


Just today, Tamura Yukari’s staffs announced several matters via Tamura Yukari Official Website. The announcement are about :

1. The cancellation of Tamura Yukari 2016 Winter Live Event 『田村ゆかり2016冬ライブ開催』. Due to various reasons, the concert is cancelled. The staffs also apologized to the fans for that matters.

2. The end of her Net Radio Program, Tamura Yukari Itazura Kuro Usagi「田村ゆかりのいたずら黒うさぎ」and Kissa Kuro Usagi ~ Himitsu no Kobeya ~「喫茶 黒うさぎ ~秘密の小部屋~」. Tamura Yukari Itazura Kuro Usagi last broadcast will be on March 26, 2016 while the last broadcast of Kissa Kuro Usagi ~ Himitsu no Kobeya ~ will be on 25 March 2016.

3. The renewal of Tamura Yukari Official Website, tamurayukari.com. During the renewal process, starting from March 21, 2016 the website will be inaccessible. The opening date of renewal website is still not undecided.

4. The closing of Tamura Yukari staffs’ twitter account. On March 20, 2016, the twitter account Tamura Yukari’s staff will be closed. It should be noted that by the time I write this post on February 10, 2016, Tamura Yukari’s official twitter account has no new post since February 3, 2016 which is unusual.

5. The management company transfer of Tamura Yukari Official Fan Club 「Mellow Pretty」Effective on April 1, 2016,  the fan club management company will be transferred. Further information can be found in the fan club information page (if you could understand Japanese language of course).

As far as her musical career goes, she has released 35 singles and 12 albums. Her last Blu-ray Concert also managed to rank 3rd in Oricon weekly rank back then in the last week of November 2015. So, this situation is quite unfortunate. Many people have speculate a lot of things about her. But for me, I can only hope the best for her.

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