[First Impression] Musaigen No Phantom World

Musaigen No Phantom World is the latest anime title adapted by Kyoto Animation from the novel by author Sōichirō Hatano and illustrated by Shirabi.

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The show takes place in modern day Japan where a terrorist attack on a laboratory building lead to the spread of the virus that infected the brains of many people with which all of them eventually developed the ability to perceive phantoms as real. Those phantoms would intervene on their daily lives and led to the development of special abilities among the youth.

Let us take to my first impression of the show.

First of all, the main theme of the show is supernatural. The main characters have interesting abilities that they possess. The main hero of the show, Haruhiko Ichijou, has the ability to sketch phantoms very fast and then sealing them. Mai Kawakami has powerful combat skills that give her the ability to tackle and fight phantom monsters and also utilizing elemental powers that allow her to counteract the elemental nature of those monsters. Reina Izumi, on the other hand, seems to have a simple ability to be able to eat different kinds of phantoms. However, the true extent and limitations of her ability are yet to be revealed. Lastly, there’s Koito Minase. Not much is yet revealed about her ability.

In terms of their personality, the main characters have interesting points. Haruhiko Ichijou is a book nerd. He also has more knowledge on phantoms than anyone else. Haruhiko is also a harem protagonist as you might expected. However, he’s fully aware of what cliched situations a stereotyped main harem lead could stumble and he’s best in avoiding it despite falling into awkward situations. Mai Kawakami is one of the most intriguing character this season. She is the Ms. Fanservice of this show. Because of her athletic nature, she has a very well-fit body and her sexiness is the current subject of everyone’s attention as well as the viewers of course. Reina Izumi is a very interesting character. She seems to be a rich girl yet she cannot afford to buy many foods due to having no allowance given to her. Considering her special ability to eat phantoms, it is an irony to her character background. Koito Minase is probably the most silent character among the four. She’s also a kuudere with her wearing headphones all the time.

The plot of the show is not much revealed yet though according to the anime’s official website, the main characters will fight against a secret organization and at the same time, solve the mystery of the phantoms and the truth behind them in the process.

Both the OP and ED soundtracks of the show are very catchy. The OP song has very good visuals and catchy music.

On the other hand, the ED song is very energetic. It was fun watching the 5 girls dancing to the tune of the song.

Kyoto Animation had shown time to time that they can still make more interesting shows despite the mixed feedback they received from some of the very loyal fans lately.

Depending on how the show will turn out to be, it got a very good start and certainly more viewers will appreciate the show.


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