AMD demonstrate the acoustic of new CPU Cooler

Since AMD got no new CPU or APU to demonstrate, they demonstrate the new CPU Cooler instead. Dubbed, AMD New Wraith Cooler (sounds like a horrible name for me), this new cooler is much more quiet than their original CPU cooler which sounds like an Airbus A330 engine. The new Wraith Cooler has larger fan, which in theory should able to provide more airflow at lower rotation speed. It also comes with larger heatsink with heatpipe to transfer and release the heat efficiently. The result is you get lower noise and possibly lower temperature as well (which is still not confirmed). This design seems to be much better than Intel stock cooling solution.

Here is the demo of the new CPU Cooler :

I have one of their original CPU cooler from 2008. And yeah… It sounds like an Airbus A330 engine. The trade off is you got lower temperature for your CPU while sacrificing your hearing quite a bit. I have a feeling this cooling is designed for their Zen CPU/APU. Hopefully, this means we will see Zen CPU/APU in the near future.

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