Eroge Reviews: Artificial Academy 2 VS. Custom Maid 3D 2

With the growing advancement of technology in the video game graphics industry today, it’s no surprise that the developers behind Artificial Academy 2 and Custom Maid 3D 2 are trying to attract a wider range of crowd particularly those who are not used to the 2D VN eroge games.

Artificial Academy 2 is a sequel to the previous game made by Illusion studio which was Artificial Academy released on June 13, 2014. The game is an eroge high school social simulation which features 25 students in a single class, each of which can be either switched into or controlled by the player. The game is a sandbox which means it depends on the player whether he/she will set his/her own goal objective for the game play or play the game freely with no goals at all.


On the other hand, Custom Maid 3D 2 is also a sequel game to Custom Maid 3D , both of them developed by KISS studio. Unlike Artificial Academy 2 which is pure sandbox simulation, Custom Maid 3D 2 has an objective game play which is to train the maids as well as maintaining the Empire Club which is the main setting of the game and making it rich.


So, with all that introduction, let us compare which game fares better than the other.

Character Creation


The game features a separate application named as ‘AA2 Edit’ for making customized characters for the game. AA2 Edit offers a wide range of customization which features body adjustment including eye, breast, eye color, nipple color, height, body type, eye shape, skin color and other face options. It also offers adjustable personal stats options namely strength, intelligence, sociability, fighting style, virtue, orientation, sexual experience and additionally, profile box description for the characters. Players can also choose a number of traits for their character’s personality. Compared to the other optional features, the main highlight of this game’s character creation is its personality voice options. All of which were voiced by famous eroge seiyuus who also work in various hentai anime and visual novels. The personality voice options gave player-made characters in this game more life and personality. The pitch level which is to adjust the highness and lowness of each voice also made the characters more unique and enjoyable.


CM3D 2:

The game’s character creation option is integrated into the system. Like AA2 Edit, it also offers a wide range of body options which includes the same options. The game has four personality voices (as of now) and each of them can be adjusted with 4 moods. The game has a very wide range of clothes and underwear options you can choose from for your maid character. Some of these clothes are paid-DLCs and you have to buy them from KISS website in order to use them for the game. There are also optional backgrounds for which you can choose for your maid character. However, the backgrounds only serve as aesthetics for which you can take screenshots with your character in it. Another thing is an option for which you can have your character in different positions. Like the backgrounds option, the poses option also serve as aesthetics and has no effect to the stats and personality of the maid character. Once you finished creating your maid character, there will be a card available in the maid options menu and the pose option you chose will appear in the maid card.

ZEGAMEPC.COM - Custom Maid 3D 2 PC Game Crack Free.JPG


Both games have very good character creation features. Both offer players many ways to design and create the characters they want to play or put into the game. In this category though, AA2 wins because of more than 20 different personality options it offers compared to CM3D 2’s only 4. The sheer number of personality options by AA2 Edit made the game more unique in character interactions compared to CM3D 2. As of now, there are only 4 personality options for CM3D 2. More will be probably added by the developers for the game’s next expansions.

Please wait for the next part of the review as I analyze and compare which game fares better than the other. As for the image quality comparison between best and lowest settings of Custom Maid 3D 2, you can check this article.


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